Simple Contemporary House in Light Blue & White

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In the 21st-century living, there are lots of reasons to choose simple contemporary house plans. We live in an era when space, energy and privacy are hard to come by, yet natural light and outdoor connections are admired. In fact, modern house plans allow you to obtain these benefits while also making an efficient and environmentally friendly investment. Presently, we find many more families embracing the contemporary home style, realizing that there are many benefits to contemporary or modern house plans.

Picture of Simple Contemporary House in Light Blue & White

This contemporary home is a Thai-inspired residence with modern decoration elements which is built in a simple but cozy atmosphere. The design features an elevated scheme veranda which is comfortable as well with accents of brown steel railings around. The exterior façade in light blue and white shades reveal an image of coziness and pleasantness. Furthermore, there is a welcoming impression intensified by the translucent sliding glass door and glazed windows with dark grey aluminum frames. Consequently, the smart use of glass allows sufficient air and light to penetrate the interior of the building for ventilation.

Picture of Simple Contemporary House in Light Blue & White

Similarly, another highlight of this design is the insertion of brown wooden cladding wrapping the windows. Additionally, the trapezoidal pillars on grey and white look prominent as they secure the front façade. The same tone of grey extends on the bottom base outline which adds beauty and appeal. The residence is enveloped in white mineral plaster finished walls. The spacious veranda allows dwellers to gaze into the lovely garden and landscape. Moreover, the Thai-styled gable roofs look stunning and sophisticated in grey-colored tiles.

Specifications and Floor Plan of Simple Contemporary House

This design with a usable livable space of 145.0 sq. meters has the following specifications

  • veranda
  • living room
  • dining room and kitchen
  • three bedrooms
  • two bathrooms
  • service area

The house in feature offers a rectangular veranda that leads to the living room through a sliding glass door. In fact, the veranda itself is a very comfortable space where the family can use it as a recreation or activity area. Meanwhile, the living spaces are in a free-flowing set-up that promotes better flexible mobility. On the other hand, the private zone of three generous bedrooms settles on the three corners of the design. The extra space at the back is an additional area for other household chores.

Overall, this house is sitting around a lawn, trees and hedges will be a perfect place for healthy living.

Image Credit: Design and Construction


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