Scandinavian Modern House Plan with 3 Bedrooms

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Are you a fan of a Nordic style home designs? How is it different from most of the houses that we normally see around? Actually, a Scandinavian modern house plan is usually having a floor plan that embraces orderly layouts. Additionally, they are functionally focused on practical aspects of everyday life. Furthermore, being simple in nature and style and efficiency, every space has a reason and a place to exist. Moreover, the windows are well placed ads natural light is extremely important in this type of design.

The house in feature in designed with elevated scheme allowing the unit to stand higher that gives additional appeal and character. The notable features include the following:

  • spacious L-shaped veranda in brown wooden flooring and separate flat roof
  • large wall glass windows making the interior well ventilated
  • high ceiling offering an immediate sense of space, air and light
  • exterior wall with combined concrete and brown wooden accents
  • external façade treated with grey mineral plaster finish
  • outside dining table on the veranda which is great for families who enjoy outdoor activities and informal dining
  • combination of hip and gable roof assemblies with brown tiles

Picture of Scandinavian Modern House Plan with 3 Bedrooms

House Specifications and Floor Plan of Scandinavian Modern House Plan

The following are the components this Nordic house:

  • spacious veranda
  • living room
  • dining room and kitchen
  • three bedrooms
  • two bathrooms
  • informal diner

The model house in feature utilizes a usable livable space of 102.0 sq. meters sitting at the middle of a garden lot. In fact, the spacious veranda with an informal diner welcomes the house. Additionally, the living spaces on the left of the plan form a free flowing concept promoting better mobility and accessibility. Meanwhile, the private zone with three bedrooms occupy the right section in a compact setting. Two bathrooms that serve the entire house sit side by side at the back.

Overall, thus Scandinavian residence with overflowing comfort will be loved by most households because of the benefits it offers.

Image Credit: Architects and Decorators

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