L-shaped Modern House with a Swimming Pool

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Are you prepared to buy or build a new house? What should you consider to go ahead with the decision? Commonly, these questions come to every household before they venture in probably one of the best investments of their lives. For many people, to own a home brings a sense of self-importance that cannot be matched by renting a unit. Well, to experience living in a comfortable atmosphere is a different story? Consequently, this L-shaped modern house can be your dream house and at the same time a house that offers freedom and comfort.

Picture of L-shaped Modern House with a Swimming Pool

In building or buying a house, the layout is probably the most noteworthy choice you will ever make. This holds through with all types of shelter, an apartment, condominium or a house. Undoubtedly, the size is a secondary factor as the layout depends on the size. Furthermore, the layout will be the basis of introducing and incorporating your character and lifestyle. Consequently, the result will be satisfactory as it represents you.

Picture of L-shaped Modern House with a Swimming Pool

Description of L-shaped Modern House

The model house in feature is a hot rend in present day architecture – a fabulous L-shaped modern house built in the middle of a spacious garden. Absolutely, the setting offers a very comfortable environment thus, promoting a healthy living. As can be seen, the entire house shines – the design, layout, the details, materials used, the colors, perimeter lights, shades and fixation.

Picture of L-shaped Modern House with a Swimming Pool

Actually, the house stands is a 14.0 x 14.0 meters lot with a usable living space of 196.0 sq. meters. A reasonably big space to offer a comfortable setting. The brilliant features include the following:

  • raised scheme for a higher elevation
  • front terrace and back open porch
  • sliding glass door with grey aluminum casement
  • big-sized translucent window glass panels for ventilation of the interior
  • cladding made of natural rusty cultured stone
  • inviting swimming pool at the center of design
  • external façade with treatment of mineral plaster finish in white color
  • prominent shed roof assembly with grey tiles
  • flat slab roof in the garage with strong pillars

The overall perspective of the house is an image of sophistication, style and elegance. This will be a perfect structure in any type of housing lot but will stand out excellently in the middle of a garden lawn.

Picture of L-shaped Modern House with a Swimming Pool

Interior Design and Concepts

The fascinating swimming pool. It offers an enthralling scenario from the inside. With big sized glasses around, you can imagine the comfort the surroundings brings in.

Picture of L-shaped Modern House with a Swimming Pool

Picture of L-shaped Modern House with a Swimming Pool

The living room glares with the choice of furniture and colors. It oozes with strong appeal by the mix of blue, brown and grey colors. With tiled interior wall matched by brown wooden tiles, it simply shines with elegance.

Meanwhile, the dining room floats with comfort as big sized glass windows surround it.

Similarly, the three bedrooms register a high level of elegance in brown wooden walls and flooring.



Specifications and Floor Plan

This magnificent house offers the following components:

  • front terrace
  • living room
  • dining room and kitchen
  • three bedrooms
  • two bathrooms
  • storage room
  • swimming pool
  • two-car garage

The floor plan is presented in very functional objective. The living spaces on the left side of the plan are arranged in L-shaped set-up that delivers a free flowing concept and promotes better flexible mobility. Meanwhile, the private zone of three bedrooms deliver a very smart arrangement as they occupy the right portion of the design. The swimming pool sits at the middle of the house separating the living spaces from the private zone. On the other hand, the two-car garage stays in front of the terrace.

Indeed, this is a gorgeous and magnificent design that will be an eye-catcher to most homeowners. Not only that the house is aesthetically beautiful but earth-friendly as well.

Image Credit: Prohomedecorz

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