Contemporary Two-Bedroom House with Dynamic Shed Roof

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Some people choose to live in modern homes because they have more stylish designs compared to the designs of traditional homes. Actually, modern residences like this contemporary two-bedroom house is beautifully designed and perfect for anyone’s present lifestyle. Here are some of the good things about this contemporary home. It is environmental friendly and practical because it has plenty of windows so ventilation and lighting is not an issue. I fact, the house maximizes the use of natural resources around the house.

Picture of Contemporary Two-Bedroom House with Dynamic Shed Roof

If you go over with the design, it is very personalized. Truly, it does not conform to any standard design, but strictly followed the ideas of the homeowner. This specific design give priority to space because of its minimalist nature – both its interior and exterior. Moreover, space is used efficiently because it needs to complement with the overall design of the modern house, including its size. As can be seen, the use of strong and prominent contemporary lines are very visible in the columns, outlines and trimmings which make this residence incredible.

Picture of Contemporary Two-Bedroom House with Dynamic Shed Roof

Features of Contemporary Two-Bedroom House

The outstanding features of the model house featured today are the following:

  • elevated veranda
  • yellow-brown battens in front and in the garage
  • prominent pillars in yellow-brown color in the veranda
  • wooden board and planks for the plants
  • wooden door and glass window glass panels with yellow-brown shade aluminum casements
  • external façade treated with white-grey color in all elevations
  • flat roof assembly in the veranda and garage
  • elegant shed roofing assembly with grey colored tiles
  • lovely patio around the perimeter of the house
  • inviting walkway and driveway
  • garden and landscaping

Picture of Contemporary Two-Bedroom House with Dynamic Shed Roof

Interior Design and Concepts

The living room outstandingly glares with various accents of brown shade from flooring, walls and furniture. Additionally, one of the highlights of the space is the use of natural cultured stones in the wall which complemented the entire space design. The room is illuminated by a numerous ceiling lights.

Picture of Contemporary Two-Bedroom House with Dynamic Shed Roof

As we move around the dining room, the space is visibly an extension of the living room which shines in the same various shades of brown from flooring to furniture and cabinets.

Meanwhile, the kitchen looks great in loud brown color from flooring, counter, cabinets and window jambs. It’s absolutely beautiful.

On the other hand, the bathroom excels with brown floor and light grey wall tiles coupled with genuine accessories and fixtures. So warm and pleasant.

Specifications and Floor Plan

The following are the major components of this house:

  • veranda
  • living room
  • dining room kitchen
  • two bedrooms
  • two bathrooms
  • storage
  • wash area
  • garage

The design features a compact and functional layout. As can be seen, the living spaces are in L-shape setting in a free flowing concept promoting better mobility and accessibility. While the living spaces stay in front, the private zone of two bedroom occupy the back section of the plan. The garage by the way, sits comfortably on the right front corner of the layout.

Overall, the stunning exterior ideas matched the elegant interior concepts. With a design as featured, a comfortable and healthy lifestyle is very achievable.

Image Credit: Sam Architect

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