Modern Single Level House with Gorgeous Exterior

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There are indeed lots of advantages when it comes to planning and designing your dream home, especially if you consider modern designs. When we consider 21st century home architecture, there are quite a few reasons to choose the benefits of a modern home design. Space is hard to achieve and expensive so maximizing every inch is of vibrant importance. Smart usage of space while considering things like natural light and outdoor connections are at the heart of this trendy home design. These design requirements are offered by this modern single level house with a gorgeous exterior.

Picture of Modern Single Level House with Gorgeous Exterior

Actually, a modern home design should be energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. In fact, new construction methods and materials such as using more glasses for windows and doors, energy-efficient appliances and energy sources all add up to a contemporary and more functional home than a more traditional home design.

Picture of Modern Single Level House with Gorgeous Exterior

Description of Modern Single Level House

An environmental-friendly design offers healthy living especially for the elderly. Obviously, a house built in a garden with green surroundings is one that offers the comfort that a family needs. The house in feature is with elevation from the natural grade line which is a good shield for floods.

As lovely as how it looks, this modern single level house has the following features:

  • elevated terrace and porch with brown marble tiles and brown-colored railings
  • the terrace  with square pillars with accents of grey colored natural stacked stones and flat roof
  • sliding glass doors, transom and fixed sidelites
  • tall window glass panels in front façade and plenty of green-tinted glass windows installed on the other elevations
  • exterior wall treated with mineral plaster finish in light and dark blue paint with bottom highlights also in dark blue shade around the perimeter of the house
  • clerestory in blue tone
  • multiple assemblies of flat roof with turquoise tegula tiles
  • garden and landscaping
  • combination of concrete and steel perimeter fence for security

Overall, this modern single level house in bright and dynamic colors shines brilliantly. The appeal brings a unique and gorgeous façade. Moreover, apart from the unique and gorgeous façade, the unit also delivers great comfort for the family. Indeed, this house will be loved by most homeowners because of its health-related benefits.

Credit to: Sabai Sabai Home

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