Attractive Small House Design in Style

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You try to drive around many new neighborhoods and subdivisions, and you often see the same thing: street after street of similar homes. Notably, most of them are smaller houses. Some people decide to start living small once they find that there are many advantages to downsizing. Typically, a smaller home costs less, thus, this frees up money every month to spend for other necessary house needs. The house in feature today is an attractive small house design with two bedrooms which will suit many households with limited finances.

Picture of Attractive Small House Design in Style

A smaller home means smaller bills and smaller set of responsibilities. Actually, when we live in smaller houses, we are thinking about where to put things before we buy them and walk away from a purchase if we didn’t know. That’s the essence of having smaller houses, simple living and spending only on the important stuff. Consequently, we are able to save.

Picture of Attractive Small House Design in Style

Description of Attractive Small House Design in Style

Small as it may seem, this small house design is beautiful, stylish and elegant in its own style. In fact, the unit stands in the middle of a garden lawn that offers a green environment for healthy living. A compact layout, it possesses the following characteristics making it a stand-out.

  • one step elevated porch highlighted by brown marble tiles, black painted steel railings, square columns with accents of natural cultured stoners in grey color and a separate shed roof
  • hinged glass doors and glass window panels installed on appropriate locations, both in white aluminum casements
  • front corner right cladding with natural stones in light brown shade
  • exterior wall with mineral plaster finish in grey shade with darker grey highlights
  • clerestory in brown tone
  • garden lawn and landscaping

Picture of Attractive Small House Design in Style

Floor Plan and House Specifications of Attractive Small House Design

A small porch with brown marble tiles serves as receiving room, family room, or family entertainment. The glass door welcomes the living room with the combined dining room and kitchen in front. Meanwhile, the two bedrooms occupy the left section of the house with the bathroom sitt9ng in between the bedrooms. The house looks small and simple, but it can offer complete freedom and comfort/.

This lovely house has the following features:

  • porch
  • living room
  • dining room and kitchen
  • two bedrooms
  • one bathroom
  • garden and landscaping

Indeed, a small residence in the middle of a garden lawn, the comfort that the atmosphere brings in is priceless.

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One Comment

  • Jovy says:

    Good Day,

    We like this design for the parents with a couple changes. Do away with the inset kitchen wall to make the kitchen the same width as the living room and also do away with the partition between the kitchen and living room to make it open. Also, make the shower area a bit larger by extending the CR outer wall. This house will be built on an existing lot on Biliran Island. Do you just do design or can you also do the construction?

    Thank you,
    Jovy & David

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