Modern Exterior Design of a Contemporary Home

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Contemporary homes that maintain a balance between design, structural efficiency, and overall aesthetic value are the real designs that shine. In fact, they feature large, bold exterior elements, and simple shallow sloped rooflines. Likewise, modern designs feature sharp clean lines and utilize mixtures of building materials like natural wood, stone elements, metal, and glass. This contemporary house with a modern exterior design is not only a functional masterpiece but also an eye-catching house.

Modeled after some of the most popular contemporary designs, this home is a favorite in its own right. The overall exterior design of this bungalow house exudes elegance with a versatile fusion of white and grey hues that create a cool and attractive appeal.

Starting with a remarkably unique exterior, it features a verandah with grey marble tiles, rectangular columns accented by light brown bricks on the lower height. The verandah is also designed with a canopy like flat roof and plant plots that beautify the external façade.

What makes this house stand out is the concept of providing large glass doors and windows that allows cross ventilation that brings a pleasant interior. Similarly, the use of large glass elements allows the homeowners to get a good view of the outdoor space.

Meanwhile, the exterior façade delivers a cool ambiance with the exposed walls painted in white and grey tones. On the other hand, the left front elevation in a raw cement finish stands unique in its own right.

This design features a pair of shed roofs in opposite orientation that encase the house with grey-colored tiles, white ceilings, and a light brown gable. This is a smart choice considering the building space although a hip roof would make it graceful as well.

Picture of Modern Exterior Design of a Contemporary Home

Specifications and Floor Plan of Contemporary Home with Modern Exterior Design

The house in feature has a frontage of 13.0 meters and a length of 15.50 meters. It yields a usable building space of approximately 200.0 sq, meters with a terrace of 71.0 sq meters.  The space hosts a verandah, living room, dining area, kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a back terrace.

You can access the living room from the verandah through glass doors. From the great room of sufficient comfort, you will observe the dining area at the left and the spacious kitchen just in front of the dining area. Meanwhile, the private zone of three bedrooms surrounds the living room at three corners. The master’s bedroom sits on the right and the secondary bedrooms are in front.

The back section features a spacious terrace of 71.5 sq. meters area. The space can serve as an extension of the living spaces for relaxation and family-related activities. Similarly, the terrace can host other social functions both for the family and guests.

Indeed, if you want to find comfort and aesthetics in one, then this design is all you need.

Image  Credit: Homebuild

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