L-shaped Balcony Design of a Modern House with Traditional Accent

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Houses with the traditional concept are perfect for those who love symmetry and other design elements that are rich with history. Similarly, the traditional interior design ideas work towards building a home that is warm, rich, and inviting. We would like to offer you this L-shaped balcony design of a modern with traditional touch for your reference. By the way, they feature a timeless style that exemplifies elegance and comfort

The house design embodies the core themes of a traditional style that features vibrancy. A house in a fusion of cream, grey, and brown hues creates a relaxed and fascinating atmosphere. Particularly, this design in cool colors keeps the exterior pleasing and interesting.

This house features a spacious L-shaped balcony with grey tiles, slim columns, and a flat roof with brown ceilings and lightings. The space with a couch can serve as an extension of the living room for relaxation or informal diner and lounge that overlook the surroundings.

Picture of L-shaped Balcony Design of a Modern House with Traditional Accent

The traditional touch accent is visible in the wall cladding and internal partition designed with brown-colored bricks. This concept doesn’t only provide aesthetics but provides a durable shield to the structure. Additionally, the exposed exterior walls are in mineral plaster finish in cream paint.

The comfortable setting of the lovely garden and landscaping supplies natural light and air to the interior of the house. Meanwhile, perhaps one of the brilliant features of this house is the floor-to-roof glass doors and windows allowing cross ventilation that also keeps the inside at a pleasant level. The glass also allows the members to glimpse the beauty of the outside panoramic view.

The combination of flat and shed roof assemblies perfectly complements the design. The well-designed assembly with brown ceilings and grey gable generates an elegant design.

Specifications and Floor Plan of L-shaped Balcony Design of a Modern House

This functional traditional design features an open concept that promotes better mobility and accessibility. The layout stands in a usable space of 107.0 sq. meters and 35.0 sq, meters for the balcony. The area spreads into a balcony, living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms.

The front façade is impressive with its sharp rooflines, and a balcony. As you step into the front balcony, you are greeted by large sliding glass doors to the living room. The living spaces are in a rectangular layout that sits in front of the floor plan. From there, you will observe the bedrooms at the back section of the plan. The master’s bedroom with ensuite is in front of the living room, while the secondary bedrooms occupy the right side. Meanwhile, the two bathrooms sit side by side and adjacent to the master’s bedroom.

To sum up, a charming house in farmland with fantastic outdoor living space, there is no doubt that comfort is at its highest level.

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