Beautiful Interior Design of a Magnificent House

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Contemporary house plans are becoming popular and even a welcome change in home design. In fact, they are functional, efficient in a lot of ways, and look aesthetically appealing as well. One of the best aspects of modern house plans is that there is plenty of room for customization. Not everything appeals to everyone’s taste, so there is always room for redesigns and modifications. Likewise, modern plans are flexible and open, thus you can inject a beautiful interior design according to your taste.

We present this magnificent house with unbelievably stylish and contemporary features and a supremely livable floor plan. The first thing you’ll notice about this home is the gracefulness and coolness of the exterior. This is the effect of the fusion of cream and grey shades with a little accent of brown tone. In fact, the combination itself exudes charm, and the refined workmanship bursts with sophistication.

Features of Magnificent House with Beautiful Interior Design

The verandah appears to be a perfect extended living space for the family for relaxation. It looks fabulous with a cream-painted steel guardrail and is encased with a cream flat concrete roof. Additionally, the space will be best for winter while enjoying a cup of wine or coffee.

Moreover, the two-car garage showcases class and finesse with its architectural concepts. It is equally impressive as the verandah with rectangular pillars in a blend of grey and blue tones. The flat concrete roof in white shade with lighting heightens the elegance of the space.

The goal of keeping the interior pleasant is realized by providing glass doors and windows in appropriate locations. They serve as a medium in allowing natural light and air to penetrate inside. Similarly, they allow the family members to get a nice look at the panoramic view of the outdoor living space.

The exterior walls shine outstandingly with a tidy application of mineral plaster finish in a cream tone. Meanwhile, the wall cladding with grey-colored natural stones in the carport sandwiched by two windows offer an extra punch to the elegance of the house.

The wide frontage of this contemporary house building is complemented by two assemblies of shed roofs with grey tiles, brown ceilings, and brown gable. sloping to the back.  The entire roofing assembly registers a charming character.

Picture of Beautiful Interior Design of a Magnificent House

Interior Design of Magnificent House with Beautiful Interior Design

The Living Room

The elegant concepts of the exterior extend to the sophisticated interior design and concepts. The space brilliantly explodes in a fusion of white, cream, grey, and brown hues from flooring, walls, and ceilings. The choice of furniture, fixtures, decorations, and presentation is very impressive as well. The recessed ceilings with chandeliers are a revelation of class.

Picture of Beautiful Interior Design of a Magnificent House

The Bedroom

The bedroom is also an extension of how the living room looks like considering the choice of furniture, colors, and arrangement.

The Kitchen and Bathroom

If the living and bedroom blow in soft colors, the kitchen, and bathroom on the other hand burst in warm colors. The cabinets and countertops have clear lines without raised edges. Moreover, the frameless design gives a sleek finish to the kitchen. The tiled wall also offers a smart dimension that heightens the appeal of both spaces.

Specifications and Floor Plan of Magnificent House with Beautiful Interior Design

A straightforward layout, this design stands in a lot with a usable building space of 100.0 sq. meters. The floor area hosts a verandah, living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a two-car garage.

This beautiful design features a verandah as an entry point to access the living room through sliding glass doors. The living spaces that enjoy a free-flowing concept settle in the middle of the layout. Meanwhile, the private zone of three bedrooms flanks the living spaces. The master’s bedroom with an ensuite sits on the left, while the secondary bedrooms settle on the right side. The two-car garage sits comfortably on the beautiful spot on the left corner of the house.

Indeed, this magnificent design will win the hearts of many homeowners because of its sophisticated concepts.

Image Credit: 048 Architect Design Studio

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