Elegant Interior Design of a Contemporary House

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Selecting a house to build or buy is a complex issue. Well, why not go into a contemporary theme? Actually, contemporary houses are popular nowadays because the concepts are not patterned from any standard. In fact, the owner can integrate their personality into the design. Since the functions are very important, then you can inject any idea that will make your house more functional. In particular, this blog offers one design that might win your heart – a contemporary house with elegant interior design.

Picture of Picture Elegant Interior Design of a Contemporary House

Description of Elegant Interior Design of a Contemporary House

They say that this century is an era where space, energy, and privacy are slightly hard to find in one home. But natural light and outdoor connections remain to be highly desired where this model home offers. In fact, from the exterior of the house alone, you can feel the pleasantness and coziness of the house. A beautiful, lovely garden and landscaping ooze with freshness that delivers comfort to the family.

The house in feature is of Japanese inspired theme. In fact, the house is simple and warm but very modern that responds to the lifestyle of the new generation. Additionally, a rectangular shape with a wide back design, it fits a narrow lot. You will observe that the exterior looks simple with big sizes of glass doors and window panels in grey tint and grey aluminum casements. They have contributed a modern touch to the building.

Picture of Picture Elegant Interior Design of a Contemporary House

A very distinctive feature of this house is the Japanese-style wooden patio in a stilt concept with a couch that could serve as an extension of the living room for relaxation and family-related activities. Similarly, you can use this as an informal diner for the family, friends, and guests.

The external design also features a table secured by an umbrella at the front of the house, which in the same way can be used as an informal diner or for a coffee break.

Picture of Picture Elegant Interior Design of a Contemporary House

As can be seen, at the left and back sides, the environment is very green and healthy with a lawn of plant plots and securing it with a fence. The comfort it brings within the space and inside the house is at a high level. Furthermore, the big-sized glass windows are additional medium in making the inside well-ventilated.

Picture of Picture Elegant Interior Design of a Contemporary House

Picture of Picture Elegant Interior Design of a Contemporary House

Interior Design of a Contemporary House

This house simply burst into character with its interior design and concepts. In fact, the concept focuses on simplicity but elegance in beige shades. The floor and ceiling shine in white tones with a mix of the warmth of wood from various elements such as floating and built-in furniture, room doors, and partial walls.

The interior spaces receive extensive natural light through large glass doors. This makes the atmosphere inside this Japanese-inspired house very airy and comfortable.

The Living Spaces

The design features a free-flowing concept between the living room, dining room, and kitchen. As a consequence, the concept promotes better mobility and accessibility.

The Living Room

The coziness is what the living room offers with beige shades from the floor, walls, and ceilings. In contrast, the dark brown furniture delivers a vibrant atmosphere

The Dining Room

A dynamic space in beige flooring, beige and brown walls, and black furniture beside big glass windows are amazing and comfortable.

The Bedroom

Meanwhile, the bedroom is as elegant as the other spaces with a striking atmosphere in a blend of cream, grey, and brown colors that play around the entire room.

To sum it up, this modern house which has a usable space of 150.0 sq. meters has three bedrooms and three bathrooms standing in a green environment that promotes healthy living.

Credit to: Takawa Design and Construction

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