3 Bedroom Bungalow House Plan in Blue Hip Roof

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Contemporary style house plans are making waves in today’s housing requirements. You look around every housing location, and you will be amazed to see this house type from street to street. This 3 bedroom bungalow house that looks magnificent in a blue-colored roof is just one of the common houses that define the popularity of bungalow houses. Undoubtedly, most homeowners would consider this a great inspiration.

Description of  3 Bedroom Bungalow House

This one storey contemporary style house focuses on simplicity but unique. In fact, the uniqueness lies in the design of the hip roof in blue-colored corrugated tiles. On the other hand, the exterior walls are painted in a creamy white shade which connects well with the roof. Consequently, the blend of white and blue created a very cool and pleasant atmosphere.

Picture of Three Bedroom Bungalow House in Blue Hip Roof

The house is designed with a marble-tiled walkway and driveway. An open parking space on the right side is airy that offers enough light and air to the house. As an option, the owner may provide a separate roof for the parking space. Likewise, the spacious garden and landscaping make the residence even more comfortable. Meanwhile, you can observe on the same elevation a terrace with dark brown railings accessible through sliding glass doors.

Simple but charming, the exterior façade shines with an open balcony with dark brown railings and a porch secured by an extended hip roof both with floor marble tiles in brown color. Moreover, the house feels comfy with wall-sized sliding glass doors and glass window panels in while aluminum casements.

Picture of Three Bedroom Bungalow House in Blue Hip Roof

One of the great highlights of this house is the provision of a terrace on every elevation. This extra space can serve as an extension of the living room for relaxation and a venue for family-related activities.

Picture of Three Bedroom Bungalow House in Blue Hip Roof

Similarly, the covered terrace at the rear side with brown marble tiles is another space for family relaxation or an informal diner for quick meals. This could also serve as a space for entertaining guests.

Picture of Three Bedroom Bungalow House in Blue Hip Roof

How about a table and couch under the tree. This could be a great and comfy space for coffee breaks.

Picture of Three Bedroom Bungalow House in Blue Hip Roof

Interior Design of 3 Bedroom Bungalow House

Interior design breaks or makes a house. Similarly, the elegance of a certain house is defined by the connection between the grace of the exterior façade and the charm of interior concepts. Visibly, this residence exudes a distinct interior appeal.

The living room radiates with a uniform cream shade from floor marbles, walls, and ceilings. In contrast, the brown furniture and door complement excellently with the cool cream tone.

Soft colors really shine like this bedroom of decoration similar to the living room in cream color. The furniture and fixtures in a blend of cream, grey, and brown justify elegance in the space.

Similarly, the other bedroom maintains consistency as to design and concept as the other room. It looks magnificent and dynamic from floor, walls, ceilings, curtains, and furniture.

The kitchen is very modern in design and decoration. The combination of cream marble flooring, greyish walls, grey countertops, grey furniture, and brown cabinets deliver an amazing kitchen design.

House Specifications and Floor Plans

The featured house stands in a lot that measures 11.0 x 15.0 meters with a usable building space of 131.0 sq. meters. Its specifications include a porch, balcony, three terraces, living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and car park.

The design offers a layout with every room smartly connected with each other. The living spaces enjoy a free-flowing concept promoting better mobility. They occupy the middle section of the layout. Meanwhile, the private zone of two bedrooms sits on the left side and another bedroom in the front right corner of the floor plan. On the other hand, the open carport sits comfortably on the right corner of the house. Indeed, the front porch, front balcony, and three more terraces make this wonderful house comfortable.

Overall, this house is one design that defines simplicity, uniqueness, elegance, aesthetics, and comfort in one. What else can you ask for?

Credit to: House Hand Make

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