Modern Loft Style One Storey House Plan

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Most families prefer to live in houses with modern themes because they are more stylish as compared to traditional designs. Well, this modern loft style house is a design of combined modernism and traditional touch. The overall façade makes it very contemporary, while the integration of wood and assembly shows a little touch of tradition. The structure built in the middle of a garden lawn will be a very good retreat or vacation house because of the atmosphere and coziness it offers.

Picture of Modern Loft Style One Storey House Plan

Modern residences like this two-bedroom house are perfect for anyone’s present lifestyle. If you go over the entire design, it is very personalized, full of rawness and simplicity. This specific design gives priority to space because of its minimalist nature – both its interior and exterior. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly and practical because it has sufficient windows so ventilation and lighting are not an issue. Similarly, standing in a green surrounding, the house maximizes the use of natural resources around the house.

Picture of Modern Loft Style One Storey House Plan

Description of Modern Loft Style One Storey House Plan

A one storey house in a modern loft style, the exterior design is very raw and simple in bare cement plaster finish and brick walls. To add some appeal to the exterior, the porch stands in a raised elevation of about half a meter high. The creative woodwork in bold brown color and an awning roof delivers some sense of character. The brown-colored bricks also offer a supplementary charm.

Picture of Modern Loft Style One Storey House Plan

As can be seen, aside from a comfortable atmosphere, the unit is provided with glass doors and wall-sized glass windows. This concept shower the interior with lots of air and light for ventilation. One of the highlights of this unit is the spacious frontage with brown brick blocks that can serve lots of family-related activities. It can be a relaxation area, an entertainment venue, an informal diner for coffee and quick meals, or a place to entertain friends and guests. Meanwhile, the two assemblies of shed roofs with grey sheets look perfect to secure the house.

House Specifications

A simple and compact design, the specifications include the following – porch, living room, dining and kitchen, two bedrooms, one bathroom and parking space.

Floor Plan

An elevated porch leads to the living room through a pair of translucent glass doors. A very functional design, the two bedrooms settle at the left section of the house. The dining room and kitchen occupy the right corner at the back, while the bathroom sits between the living room and dining room. Meanwhile, the open space in front of the house can also serve as a parking space.

Indeed, real and complete comfort is what this house offers the family. With a spacious garden and landscaping, personal health is at a high level.

Credit to: Naibann

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