Affordable House Plan in L-shaped Scheme

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Small homes are becoming popular these days because of their benefits. Additionally, there are tons of advantages like accumulating less, being outdoors more, and costing less. Actually, small houses are applicable for families who cannot afford bigger homes because of financial capacities. Anyway, going small, entitles you to fewer expenses and more savings for other stuff. This affordable house plan with an L-shaped concept can definitely confirm that small living offers many full-size benefits.

The rise of demand for small houses is associated with the owner’s budget and at the same time, the high cost of living. Likewise, since the majority of families are below the poverty line, then, the only choice is to live simply. In the first place, owning your own house is much better than not having one at all.

Picture of Affordable House Plan in L-shape Scheme

Features of Affordable House Plan in L-shape Scheme

This modern architecture lacks decorative details, but it incorporates personality and intrigue to the overall design. The exterior is enveloped with natural wood, stones accent, steel, bare cement, and smooth plaster walls which deliver uniqueness.

Picture of Affordable House Plan in L-shape Scheme

It features three balconies in an elevated scheme allowing the unit to stand higher for additional appeal. The spaces look secured with guardrails and columns with accents of greyish natural stones. The façade doesn’t bear beautiful concepts but the wooden wall cladding offers a different style and character. One outstanding feature of this design is the large-size sliding glass doors. In fact, this concept allows the home to looks more airy and spacious as it allows light to enter the interior of the house.

Picture of Affordable House Plan in L-shape Scheme

This gorgeous elevation outstandingly blows with the aesthetics and comfort. The workmanship of the entire façade is very tidy. The exterior walls look tidy and pleasant in a combination of cream and grey hues. On the other hand, the slim rectangular glass windows don’t just allow the homeowners to get a good look at the panoramic view of it but also give the interior a cozier feel.

This single-level house oozes in appeal with contemporary features. The materials used, assembly and workmanship exude sophistication from floor to roof. The shed roof with grey sheets, white ceilings, and brown gable also shines with grace.

Specifications and Floor Plan of Affordable House Plan in L-shape Scheme

The perfect blend of contemporary flair with a touch of traditional style, this modern home is great and flexible. A straightforward layout in 62.0 sq. meters, it features three balconies, a living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an open parking space which has an area of 22.0 sq. meters.

To access the living room, you have to pass through the balcony from the parking space. It enjoys a free-flowing concept with the dining area and kitchen which occupies the left side of the plan. The second balcony which is accessible from the master’s bedroom is designed with brown marble tiles and secured by grey steel guardrails. Meanwhile, the right portion of the design spreads to two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The open parking space enjoys a comfortable spot on the left side of the house.

Overall, the spacious frontage is a great space for relaxation and family-related activities.

Image Credit: TP5 Home

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