Simple Farmhouse Design with Wooden Cladding

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The continuous growth and development in the cities along with the noisy sounds of the metropolis suffocate one’s desire for peace. Consequently, away from the hustle-bustle of urban areas, most families have considered investing and living in remote areas. Evidently, the concept of living in a rural community brings a lot of benefits like peace, comfort, and freedom. For obvious reasons, this simple farmhouse design is one home that will offer you a healthy living.

Picture of Simple Farmhouse Design with Wooden Cladding

Features of Simple Farmhouse Design with Wooden Cladding

For those who want the ultimate in style, comfort, and ease of livability and maintenance, look no further. This is a one storey farmhouse that offers up heaps of prairie charm and a floor plan that trims the fat. The low, hip roofline flows with the surrounding landscape and promotes a sense of calm and ease.

Standing taller in a raised elevation, this home features maximum curb appeal. A combination of natural stone, exposed wood cladding, and black steel laths make this home a modern beauty, mixed with the quaint charm of a farmhouse.

Picture of Simple Farmhouse Design with Wooden Cladding

This farmhouse features enough glass doors and windows that allow the home to look more airy and spacious as it allows light to enter the interior of the house. Additionally, these glass windows don’t just allow the homeowners to get a good look at the panoramic view of it, but also give the interior a cozier feel. Similarly, the elevated terrace looks magnificent with a flat roof with a vertical black frame and orange-colored fascia board.

Picture of Simple Farmhouse Design with Wooden Cladding

The exterior of this contemporary house plan has the external walls treated with mineral plaster finish in white and grey shades. Likewise, one feature of this design is the shed roof assembly sloping to both sides in the opposite orientations. The assembly looks graceful with grey roof sheets, white ceilings, and a brown gable. Ultimately, a dynamic roofline catches the eye and offers a chic style.

Specifications and Floor Pan of Simple Farmhouse Design with Wooden Cladding

This charming design stands in a lot with a usable space of 110 sq. meters. This floor area covers the terrace, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a storage room.

You can access the living room from the terrace through the main glass door. From the living room, you will find the dining room and kitchen right in front. The living spaces that settle in the middle of the plan are flanked by two bedrooms on both sides. The master’s bedroom with a private bathroom sits on the left, while the other settles on the right along with the second bathroom. Meanwhile, the open parking space finds its comfortable spot on the left side of the house.

Indeed, with a spacious tiled frontage, family relaxation and functions will not be an issue. The garden and landscaping with lush trees provide total comfort to the family’s needs.

Image Credit:  TP5 Home

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