Picture of 4 BHK Contemporary House Plan with Interior Design

4 BHK Contemporary House Plan with Interior Design

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When we speak of the 21st century modern day architecture, designs can be a fusion of the combined space, energy and privacy in one home. In fact, this 4 BHK contemporary house plan with interior design represents the modern residence of those features. It also showcases the characteristics of a home; where natural light and outdoor connections are visible and valuable.

Furthermore, the design allows you to acquire the benefits of its elements; while also having a unit which is energy efficient and environmental friendly. Consequently, with its descritions, this house becomes a precious investment as it also offers some health welfares. A two story house with four generous bedrooms, this becomes a hot trend especially for financially stable families.

Just like other contemporary house plan, the residence in feature looks classy because of its unique and striking architecture details. As can be seen, it is a signature of style and elegance. Furthermore, it typically showcases a valiant, futuristic curb appeal as well as clean and refined lines within the exterior finishing. What more can you ask for?

Picture of 4 BHK Contemporary House Plan with Interior Design

Description of 4 BHK Contemporary House Plan with Interior Design

With a unique and impressive exterior details, this contemporary house plan has a total usable space of 255.58 sq. meters. This residence displays a distinct arc-shaped roof which is not generally seen in most houses. In particular, the main section of the house is secured by a flat concrete roof; while being complemented by two arc-shaped roofs in the carport and at the right section of the house.

The exterior façade looks dramatic with an exceptional elegance of the details such as square columns with accents of stones in the carport and porch, roof style, dominance of concrete and masonry, veneer wall stones, array of glass windows in brown aluminum frames, blend of white and various shades of brown colors and refined detailing.

With a floor area of 255.58 sq. meters for both floor levels, the space can accommodate more facilities and amenities. Likewise, the space invites more options in design and techniques as well as choice of accessories and furniture. Consequently, this contemporary house plan stands strong in offering benefits like spaciousness, lots of light for energy efficiency, aesthetic appeal, lots of rooms for customization and being environmental friendly.

Features of 4 BHK Contemporary House Plan with Interior Design

To enumerate, the key features of this 4 BHK contemporary house plan are:

  • inviting front porch secured by square columns filled with plenty of natural air and light
  • array of average-sized glass windows with dark brown colored aluminum frames
  • exterior wall with veneer stones in light brown color
  • outside façade in mineral plaster finish painted in white
  • inviting balcony in the second level filled with plenty of air and light for ventilation of the building’s interior
  • dynamic overall architectural features of the exterior façade with clean edges and details
  • flat-styled roof in the main section and arc-shaped roof style in the carport and right section of the house
  • lovely and gorgeous interior concepts and design
  • attractive one-car garage secured by square columns accentuated by emser tiles and stones
  • beautiful landscaping offering a green and healthy living
Interior Design of 4 BHK Contemporary House Plan

Generally, interior design conveys the aesthetic worth it owns in a particular space. In fact, living in a house that looks lovelier will of course be going to make you like it better and that marks the design noteworthy. Furthermore, interior design increases the value of a certain house.

Picture of 4 BHK Contemporary House Plan with Interior Design

Picture of 4 BHK Contemporary House Plan with Interior Design

The interior concepts and design techniques of this 4 BHK contemporary house plan authenticate the harmonization of the exterior finishing details with the inside concepts. Remarkably, the blend of colors used in the interior generates a cool and lovely residence.

Picture of 4 BHK Contemporary House Plan with Interior Design

Indeed, this two story contemporary house looks gorgeous externally and internally. Overall, whatever design and style the residence has, contemporary home interior design has one major goal – to provide a comfortable and relaxing place for the family.

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