Modern Home Decor of Refined Residential House

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A home is the status symbol of a family because it is a precious possession and investment to treasure. As a matter of fact, everyone wants to own one. However, the question is, what type of house will please your needs? There are plenty of choices everywhere, but the main factor is the financial capacity to shoulder the cost of construction. Well, would you like to consider this one-storey refined residence with astonishing modern home decor?

Picture of Modern Home Decor of Refined Residential House

Whenever you decide to buy a home, choose a design that will perfectly suit your family. In other words, pick a unit that will satisfy you and something that reflects your personality and needs. Anyway, find out how appropriate this refined residence with beautiful modern home decor is to your lifestyle

Picture of Modern Home Decor of Refined Residential House

Presently, green building is a hot trend in residential construction. It includes the incorporation of environmental impact from design, construction, maintenance and use. Some factors considered to comply with this are the use of sustainable materials, energy-efficient building procedures, water conservation, and indoor air quality. Coincidentally, this house design with modern home decor in feature offers the above elements.

Picture of Modern Home Decor of Refined Residential House

Features of Modern Home Decor of Refined Residential House

This single-storey contemporary house is graceful as well as having an up-to-date stylish design which is a great fixture in any housing environment. To appreciate the appeal of this home, you have to get familiar with the outstanding features it offers.

  • External façade features:
  1. elevated scheme from the natural grade line using grey marble tiles
  2. comfortable porch with grey marble and separate flat roof
  3. wall and column with dark grey cladding stone
  4. concrete walls fitted with mineral plaster finish in palm grey & light green colors
  5. sliding glass door and glass window panels with white aluminum frames
  6. hip style roof with grey clay tiles
  • Interior design and concepts
  1. comfortable living room – with fixtures, grey curtains and recessed ceilings with perimeter lights and chandelier
  2. flooring with marble tiles in palm oyster grey color
  3. interior walls treated with palm oyster grey shade
  4. grey painted ceilings with sufficient lightings
  5. interior section accentuated with various shades of brown and grey
  6. bedrooms shining with the same colors and tones as the other rooms
  7. artistically designed bathrooms furnished with genuine fixtures and accessories with frosted glass door and mosaic wall tiles
  8. bathroom concept painted with a fusion of white, grey brown and black colors
  • Outdoor Concepts
  1. outdoor space for informal breakfast and coffee, also for visitors
  2. inviting walkway with landscaping
  3. drive-way and open garage

Picture of Modern Home Decor of Refined Residential House

Description of Modern Home Decor of Refined Residential House

The modern house is designed in 98.0 m² standing in a comfortable garden lot. The exterior façade looks very contemporary as shown by the prominent details of wall stone cladding and column. Moreover, the glass door and windows are factors that increases the value of the house because of the comfort they offer. . The elevated scheme is a smart concept allowing the design to stand higher. Similarly, the brown colored marble tiles also shine as well as the French designed sliding glass door.

As can be seen, the materials choice is excellent and this is heightened by the result of the details of construction and execution. The front structure shines in a blend of green, grey and cream colors. Additionally the whole concept burst with the magnetic appeal that the hip roof in grey clay tiles offer.

While the exterior façade looks stylish and lively, the interior design and concepts on the other hand are trendy. The choice of materials, fixtures and accessories is incredibly great. In fact, the combination and layout sparkles with pride. There is consistency with the colors applied in both the exterior and interior of the house. The colors of palm grey in almost every section of the residence is simply amazing. Actually, it’s very cool and pleasant which offers serenity which is a gift of a free open layout in this design.

Meanwhile, the bathrooms also deliver an outstanding look. They use genuine materials plus giving excellent workmanship on the details. The remarkable features include the mosaic wall with black outline, glass door, grey and brown marble tiles and fixtures used. Undoubtedly, the fusion of white, grey, brown and black colors brings up the rooms to a higher level.

Indeed, another masterpiece of design is here to offer modernism, sophistication and comfort.

Image credit: naibann


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