Ultra Stylish Contemporary House with Open Carport

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Contemporary designs stand to be the trendiest home styles of this generation because they have the freedom to innovate and create entirely new homes. Besides, they have the freedom to develop changes from traditional styles and create some innovations. This ultra stylish contemporary house with a serene outdoor living space will be a great inspiration for most families.

Moreover, most modern houses incorporate heavy materials into the design, with an assembly of clean and sharp lines and create refined workmanship. Additionally, the designs and styles make them trendier as they perfectly match people’s changing lifestyles. Besides, a contemporary home plan offers a perfect blend of uniqueness.

Features of Ultra Stylish Contemporary House Design

This design blazes exceptionally with elegant exterior concepts of modern touch. It is wrapped up with brilliant features that stand unique in a blend fusion of white, grey, and brown hues. The soft colors produce a cool vibe to the external façade that delivers an attractive atmosphere.

Picture of Ultra Stylish Contemporary House with Open Carport

This house vaunts an elevated open terrace designed with grey marble tiles and a balcony with steel guardrails in front of the master’s bedroom.  We can observe on the immediate left the appealing open carport for two cars with a tiled driveway.

Meanwhile, the external façade reveals a stylish character with wall cladding made of wooden panels on selected sections. Certainly, the brown color creates a distinct contrast with the exposed exterior walls in a white paint finish.

As a common medium used in almost all buildings, the house is provided with sufficient transparent glass doors and windows installed in appropriate locations. Purposely, they allow cross-ventilation bringing the interior a pleasant level. Additionally, aside from aesthetics, the glass makes the inside feel brighter and feel cozier. Besides, with glass, the beautiful outdoor space easily comes to view.

Perhaps one of the most eye-catching features of this house is the well-designed cross hip roof with grey-colored tegula tiles. The entire assembly with the white fascia board and grey ceilings is a revelation of a tidy and refined masterpiece.

Overall, the entire façade of this stylish family plan is as graceful as it is sophisticated.

Picture of Ultra Stylish Contemporary House with Open Carport

Specifications and Floor Plan of Ultra Stylish Contemporary House Design

This residence boasts coziness with a comfortable inner space and an airy outdoor space.  This design spreads to a terrace, balcony, living room, dining area, kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a two-car garage.

The open terrace balcony will allow you to access the living spaces through glass doors. Your family will love the pleasantness of the living spaces while being showered with lots of natural air and light. The living spaces that occupy the left section of the enjoy a free-flowing concept that invites better mobility. Meanwhile, the right portion of the plan hosts the private zone of three bedrooms.

The master’s bedroom with a private ensuite sits in the front corner. There is also a balcony accessible from the master’s bedroom through glass doors which is a great space for relaxation while looking at the outdoor space. On the other hand, the secondary bedrooms occupy the back section of the house. The two-car garage sits in the comfortable spot on the left part of the house with an inviting tiled driveway.

This design with beautiful aesthetics is provided with a lovely garden and landscaping that showers the house with immeasurable comfort. The space is more functional by providing a wooden table and chairs which can serve as an informal diner for quick meals and coffees.

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Image Credit: Subparod Studio

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