Stylish Modern Country Home with Fascinating Landscaping

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There are times that you will find city life suffocating. The stress, pressure, overcrowded places, and pollution are unbearable. This is why many families decide to leave behind the city and move to rural communities for a shift of situation. Come close to nature and embrace a stress-free environment. Certainly, this stylish modern country home design is one that will offer you the tranquility you truly need.

With a spacious garden and lush trees around, you will feel intimacy and privacy with this house.  Besides, living in this country house means a full circle change. It provides peace and benefits one’s health due to pure and unpolluted air.

Picture of Stylish Modern Country Home with Fascinating Landscaping

Features of Stylish Modern Country Home

The design features a simple terrace dressed with marble stones in a cream shade, and pillars accented by light grey-colored stacked stones and sconce lightings. The exterior façade shines outstandingly in a blend of cream, grey ad brown hues that lends a pleasing character.

What makes this house stand out is the concept of providing large-sized glass doors and windows that allow cross ventilation to keep the interior at a pleasant level. Actually, the surrounding alone is a great source of natural light and air that penetrates inside making it comfortable. But with nig glasses, the interior looks even brighter and feels cozier. Furthermore, utilizing transparent glass, the beauty of the outdoor living space easily comes to view.

Picture of Stylish Modern Country Home with Fascinating Landscaping

This design boasts an inviting garage with prominent pillars accented by natural stone elements in light grey color and an extended Dutch gable roof that secures and beautifies the building. Meanwhile, the exposed exterior walls in mineral plaster finish with cream tone look very tidy and cool.

This modern country home in a narrow lot is encased by a cross Dutch gable roof that looks graceful with maroon-colored tegula tiles and white ceilings. The roof style is perfect for this house, but a gable or a shed style will also be great.

Specifications and Floor Plan of Stylish Modern Country Home

This home with a floor area of 95.0 sq. meters is perfect for an average size family. The layout hosts a terrace, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a carport.

From the spacious frontage, you’ll travel to the terrace to access the living room through large glass doors. A straightforward design, the living spaces are on the right side of the plan in an open concept. Meanwhile, the left section hosts the private zone of two bedrooms. The master’s bedroom with a private ensuite sits in front, while the secondary bedroom is in the back corner.

What is so amazing about this design is that it stands in the middle of a garden lawn with dazzling landscaping and lush trees around. With this type of setting, location, there will be no issues with comfort. Furthermore, the spacious outdoor living space is provided with a wooden table and chairs that can serve as an informal diner or for coffee breaks.

There is nothing more relaxing than being in contact with nature and enjoying a natural environment

Image Credit: Subparod Studio

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