Modern Luxury House Design with Impressive Exterior

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Buying or building a home could be one of the biggest projects most people will undertake. In fact, your decisions will have an impact on the livability of your home as well as the costs, maintenance, resale value, and even the quality of the investment. The decision between a one or two storey house can be a complex choice. If budget is not an issue, then this modern luxury house design will be a smart choice because of lots of benefits it offers.

Perhaps one of the most unique designs that you’ve ever seen, this modern masterpiece is a wonderfully stylish family plan. A two storey house, you’ll notice that every space of this home has been designed with luxury.  The house utilizes a combined livable space of 265.0 sq meters for both levels. It’s a huge space, thus, you can be more playful in the customization of spaces for better functions. Because of the area, the option to build bigger sizes of every room can be accommodated.

Picture of Modern Luxury House Design with Impressive Exterior

Description of Modern Luxury House Design

The perfect home for an urban or city build, this cutting-edge modern design is as unique as it is functional. Beginning with a distinctly contemporary curb appeal, notice how the sharp lines and intricate design and concepts pull your eye in and draw you towards the front elevation. Equally, it also shines in utilizing a combination of building materials like natural wood, concrete, steel, stone elements, and glass. Additionally, large-sized doors and windows in green tint offer natural light and make the most of this setting, which keeps the interior at a pleasant level.

Picture of Modern Luxury House Design with Impressive Exterior

An absolutely stunning display of materials and workmanship, this contemporary style home explodes in character with wall cladding in light grey and brown natural stones. The striking façade looks even more dynamic by using concepts of vertical strips and columns, laths, and large windows. Likewise, another highlight of this design is the prominent cross hip roof assembly with grey tiles.

Thus, the overall exterior design of this luxury house looks graceful and sophisticated with a versatile fusion of white, grey, and brown hues.

Picture of Modern Luxury House Design with Impressive Exterior

Interior of Modern Luxury House Design

The spacious interior is airy and well-illuminated. The design might look simple but it is tidy, refined, and graceful. It has a single-tone palette of chalky white from floor marble tiles to walls and ceilings. This shade makes the room feel more spacious. The black door frames and curtains offer a little accent of contrast.

Picture of Modern Luxury House Design with Impressive Exterior

Here is a spacious and comfortable hall that connects every room of the house. The glass doors and windows offer a cozier feeling and are complemented by the recessed ceilings with perimeter lightings that illuminate the entire space.

Picture of Modern Luxury House Design with Impressive Exterior

This is the living room with an artistic palette with soft colors. It looks very sophisticated with a built-in glass showcase, a modern patterned wooden wall behind the TV stand, and recessed ceilings with hidden warm lights. The L-shaped black sofa delivers a touch of contrast to the look of the entire space. These concepts add a striking and dynamic character to the living room.

Picture of Modern Luxury House Design with Impressive Exterior

Equally, the bedroom delivers grace and elegance. The wooden floor and bed not only offer uniqueness but function as well. The versatile fusion of white and brown shades makes the room warm, pleasant, and comfortable.

Meanwhile, this island kitchen is nothing but very modern and elegant, from materials, fixtures, layout, and workmanship. It is very spacious and decorated in white, grey, and black tones. Likewise, it is equipped with the most complete functions, including a long L-shaped counter, an island counter, built-in electric stove, hood, and plenty of storage cabinets as well.

The bathrooms are as elegant as the other rooms of the house. They shine brilliantly with marble floor and wall tiles and genuine fixtures in white and black colors.

Specifications of Modern Luxury Home Design

This luxury house design has a floor area of 265.0 sq. meters that spreads into a verandah, living room, hall, prayer room, office, dining area, kitchen, three bedrooms, four bathrooms, and wash area.

Indeed, this is a house that features aesthetics, luxury, and comfort in one that many would love to own.

Image Credit: Satapon Construction

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