One-Storey House Plan in Contemporary Style

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With plenty and a variety of home styles available around, it’s difficult to choose one type that you think is best for you. You may be downsizing or simply changing gears in your lifestyle, but how do you know what home style is right for you? Will it be a two-storey that offers plenty of living space, or a spacious single storey home? Well, your finances will answer it all.  If you opt to have a bungalow, then it is a smart decision because of its many benefits. Take a look at our featured house today – a one-storey house plan with stunning contemporary features.

Modeled after some of the most prevalent contemporary plans, this design will surely be a standout in its own right. In fact, this three-bedroom house has a graceful concept and refined workmanship.  As can be seen, a house in a fusion of grey and cream hues creates a charming and fascinating ambiance. Similarly, this design in appealing colors delivers a cool and fascinating exterior. Enfolded in steel, concrete, stones, marbles, and glass, this stunning residence establishes its unique identity.

Picture of One-Storey House Plan in Contemporary Style

Features of One-Storey House Plan in Contemporary Style

The absolute stretch of this contemporary house plan is as amazing as the interior layout and all of its features. Let us see the following excellent features of this splendid residence.

  • elevated terrace and balcony with grey floor tiles, well-defined columns, and hip roof
  • columns with accents of grey-colored natural stones in the middle height which secures and beautifies the terrace
  • green-tinted sliding glass doors
  • fixed and awning types of windows with a green tint that keep the interior at a pleasant level
  • wall cladding with grey-colored natural stones
  • external walls with mineral plaster finish in cream shade
  • moldings in a white shade designed on the columns, doors, and windows
  • well-designed cross hip roof assembly with grey tegula tiles and grey ceilings
  • smart and functional interior layout
  • inviting driveway and open carport
  • beautiful lush garden landscaping which is great for an outdoor experience

Specifications and Floor Plan of One-Storey House Plan in Contemporary Style

This graceful modern home has livable square footage of 145 sq. meters with a smart and functional layout. The floor area spreads to the following specifications: a terrace, balcony, living room, prayer room, dining area, kitchen, three bedrooms, and three bathrooms

The front façade is impressive with a terrace entryway that will lead you to the spacious living room through sliding glass doors. Stepping to the living room, you will find the dining and modern kitchen in front and on the right side respectively. Meanwhile, the three bedrooms are arranged in L-shape on the left side and back sections of the plan. The fully-equipped master’s bedroom with a private bathroom is sitting on the immediate left of the living room. On the other hand, the secondary bedrooms sit side by side in the back section. There are also two more bathrooms, one attached and one detached designed between the secondary bedrooms. By the way, the carport sits comfortably on the spacious frontage of the house.

Overall, with a well-designed interior and lovely garden landscaping, living will be healthy and comfortable as well.

Image Credit: Home Mechanic Chianarai

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