Small House in a Graceful Modern Style

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Tiny homes are turning to be a great idea, especially for millennials who wish to embrace a debt-free lifestyle by having a home to call their own. In fact, no matter how small the house is, it offers a great impact on the family because it is a precious investment. The featured small house in a graceful modern style is a good choice for downsizing because it offers lots of benefits. Primarily, if you opt for modest houses, you spend less and save more which can be utilized for other necessities.

Picture of Small House in a Graceful Modern Style

A beautiful modern house, this sleek house in a narrow lot is the ultimate family home. Modest yet striking, practical yet cutting-edge, this contemporary design combines the best of a lot of aspects. This simple three-bedroom house shines in a fusion of white, grey, and brown hues that create a pleasant and fascinating atmosphere. Particularly, this design in soft colors keeps the exterior cool and stimulating.

A graceful exterior façade stands out with an absolutely stunning display of natural stones in light brown color. Likewise, a striking façade defines this small storey house with sharp lines and compelling blends of elements such as concrete, stone, and glass. The house features a small porch with cream-colored floor tiles and guardrails.

Picture of Small House in a Graceful Modern Style

Aside from the sandstone wall cladding, the other exterior walls are in a mineral plaster finish in a white tone. The design also features slim rectangular windows enough to allow cross ventilation to keep the interior at a pleasant level. Meanwhile, the house looks stunning with a flat concrete roof in a tidy blend of white and grey tones.

Specifications and Floor Plan of a Small House in a Graceful Modern Style

This contemporary one-story house plan boasts an eye-catching exterior. The unique layout of the home plan makes good use of its 66.0 square meters of living space. The floor area spreads into a porch, living room, dining area, kitchen, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms.

From the porch, you’ll travel to the living room through a glass door. The living spaces that occupy the middle section of the plan enjoys a free-flowing concept. The kitchen is in an efficient layout that maximizes the usable square footage serving its functions. Meanwhile, the three bedrooms flank the living room on opposite sides. The master’s bedroom with a private bathroom is on the left, while the secondary bedrooms occupy are located on the right. The other bathroom that serves the entire family is adjacent to the kitchen.

This house also explodes with an inviting outdoor space with brown marble tiles and a pleasant garden and landscaping. In fact, the space serves as an extension of the living spaces for relaxation and other family functions.

Image Credit: Sam House Plans

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