Modern L-shaped House with Three Bedrooms

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Houses come in different styles and sizes. Some may be with a traditional way, while others have a modern touch. No matter what kind of house we are living in, as long as it does its functions, then, there is no question at all. In fact, what’s more important is our safety, security, and comfort. In this post, we are going to offer you a modern L-shaped house with three bedrooms which I believe will be loved by most families. Presently, single storey houses have established their status as the hottest trend simply because of lots of benefits they offer.

This design starts with a unique exterior of gorgeous spacious frontage and large windows. This bungalow house is built in a setting of lovely garden and landscaping plus a breathtaking surrounding of leafy trees.  A house in a fusion of white, grey, and brown hues creates a comfortable and fascinating atmosphere. Predominantly, this design in lovely colors keep the exterior calm and stimulating

Picture of Modern L-shaped House with Three Bedrooms

An elevated balcony and terrace with grey natural marble stones heighten your enjoyment of the outdoors. Both of them carry concepts of guardrails, columns, and flat roofs which secure and at the same time beautify the outdoor spaces. Additionally, large-sized sliding doors and windows in grey frames make the most of this setting, which keeps the interior at a pleasant level.

The overall exterior design of this bungalow house looks graceful with a versatile fusion of white and grey façade, grey steel laths, and a flat roof that extends from the terrace to the garage that adds beauty to the house. Furthermore, one of the highlights of this design is the shed roof assembly with grey roofing sheets and a brown-colored gable.

Picture of Modern L-shaped House with Three Bedrooms

Specifications and Floor Plan of Modern L-shaped House

This appealing modern home plan is perfect for the whole family with a usable building space of 114.0 sq. meters. The floor area spreads to a balcony, terrace, living room, dining area, kitchen, three bedrooms, two baths, and a garage.

From the spacious frontage, you’ll travel through the terrace to access the living area. It enjoys an open floor plan with the dining room on its the. The kitchen is located on the right corner at the back with modern design and accessories. Meanwhile, the master’s bedroom occupies the front left corner with a private bathroom and balcony. By the way, the two secondary bedrooms are sitting adjacent to the kitchen. The garage sits comfortably on the right side of the design.

To sum up, this design has taken advantage of the cozy surroundings that naturally ventilate the interior of the building.

Image Credit: Ezy Design and Construction

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