Tropical Resort Design in Contemporary Style

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Living in a big city is an amazing experience. In fact, metropolis are centers of progress, each with unique and interesting features. Of course, certain benefits of city life are universal and access to all business centers and development. Yet, life is not all about metropolis experiences. There will be instances that you will get tired of the entire city life. Probably, it’s high time to connect to nature and a serene environment. It’s a great idea to stay in a tropical resort design with a contemporary feel.

Living in a resort is best for spending some private and quiet moments, either a vacation or spending your life permanently in this lifestyle. The house in feature is in a setting with an immediate sense of relaxation and freedom.

Picture of Tropical Resort Design in Contemporary Style

Features of Tropical Resort Design in Contemporary Style

A house of this type is very commonly seen in coastal and subtropical regions. If you have a property similar to this, we suggest investing in a design like this. Some of the benefits of this house are opening up the view for the outdoor living space, fresh air, and comfort for healthy living.

The house features an elevated terrace which is a perfect space for relaxation. The terrace engenders a stylish look and feel with pillars designed with natural stones in a brown shade on the middle height, white moldings, and a separate gable roof. Additionally, the space is secured by steel railings, and providing a bench will be a great venue for entertaining guests.

Picture of Tropical Resort Design in Contemporary Style

Meanwhile, the exterior may look simple, but the wall cladding with grey natural stones definitely gleams with elegance. In fact, the exposed exterior walls in mineral plaster finish in white paint create a cool and interesting ambiance.

Furthermore, the surrounding outdoor space offers a great amount of comfort to the house where natural light and air are freely penetrating the interior. Likewise, the glass doors and windows in grey tint are additional media in keeping the interior at a pleasant level. Similarly, the glass allows the homeowner to get a great glimpse of the outside panoramic view.

Picture of Tropical Resort Design in Contemporary Style

The design utilizes a well-designed gable roof with grey tiles, ceilings, and gable. I think that this roof with average pitch perfectly matches the width of the house. When combined with a similar style as the roof on the terrace, the entire assembly looks graceful.

Overall, this design with tidy and refined workmanship delivers a sophisticated resort house.

Specifications and Floor Plan of Tropical Resort Design in Contemporary Style

This resort style house stands in a lot that measures 8.0 x 14.0 meters that yields a usable space of 112.0 sq. meters. The floor plan layout is very straightforward and hosts a terrace, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms.

From the spacious outdoor living space, you will pass the terrace to access the living room through glass doors. From the great living room, you will notice the dining room and kitchen in front that enjoys a free-flowing concept. While the living spaces occupy the left side, the right section on the other hand hosts two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The master’s bedroom with a private ensuite is sitting in the right corner.

One remarkable feature of this design is the spacious outdoor living space that will serve lots of functions. The lush garden landscaping has nothing to offer but total comfort.

Hope that you like this resort house design.

Image Credit: Dream House

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