Deluxe Modern Home with Amazing Features Galore

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Contemporary architecture takes efforts to deviate from previous traditional designs and create something that is completely new. Likewise, this revolution drives modern design to push the boundaries and develop a unique, creative, beautiful, yet functional and practical plan. Well, this deluxe modern home plan with plenty of excellent features is perfect for enhancing modern life that caters to a wide range of families of various lifestyles. In fact, this magnificent design represents the present generation.

This design in a versatile blend of white and grey is an ideal mix for an elegant style. As can be seen, the fusion adds coziness and softness to the façade. Likewise, these soft shades create a cool and pleasant atmosphere.

Picture of Deluxe Modern Home Plan with Amazing Features Galore

Features of Deluxe Modern Home Plan

The house was treated with both function and aesthetics which are visible from the various lines that complete the architectural appeal of the design. Similarly, you can notice the modern architectural concepts and aspects of the exterior façade from sleek lines utilized at every angle.

Some of the eye-catching features of this design include the following:

  • elevated terrace designed with grey marble tiles and prominent columns with natural stones
  • wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling transparent sliding glass doors and windows in grey frames
  • exposed exterior walls with mineral plaster finish in a white paint
  • inviting driveway and two-car garage with rectangular pillars, and flat roof illuminated with ceiling lights
  • well-designed cross hip roof assembly with grey tiles and white fascia board and ceilings
  • spacious outdoor living space with lovely garden and landscaping

Picture of Deluxe Modern Home Plan with Amazing Features Galore

The use of large glasses offers ultimate comfort to the inner space. With lots of volume of natural light and air, the interior looks brighter and feels cozier. Similarly, glass doors and fixed windows don’t just showcase the aesthetic appeal of the house. In fact, they also allow the homeowners to get a good look at the outside panoramic view.

Aside from glass, another highlight of this design is the cross hip roof assembly with grey tiles and white ceilings. Obviously, the materials and fixation produce a very prominent roof that encases the house from outside elements.

Overall, the exterior boasts a refined workmanship that generates a sophisticated masterpiece.

Specifications and Floor Plan of Deluxe Modern Home Plan with Amazing Features Galore

This design features a floor plan where space is used very efficiently. Likewise, the accessibility among spaces and privacy as well is at a high level. The usable space of 120 sq. meters spreads to a terrace, living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a two-car garage.

You can access the interior space from the terrace through sliding glass doors. Directly ahead of you lies an amazing great room that looks very airy and bright as ample amount of light and air penetrates through the glass. From the living room, the private zone of three bedrooms in a triangular arrangement settles in front of the living room. The master’s bedroom, which enjoys a private ensuite sits on the right-wing, while the secondary bedrooms sit side by side in front of the living room. Meanwhile, the dining room and kitchen sit on the back right corner which is good considering the smell and smoke emitted by the kitchen.

The outdoor living space of the house features the two-car garage on the right corner. Actually, it doesn’t look like a mere car park but an inviting space for relaxation.

Other than the scenic view and lush garden landscape, this space is great for the outdoor home experience. In fact, the frontage also features a rattan table and chairs for informal dining and coffee breaks.

To sum up, with lovely aesthetics and incomparable comfort, this design represents a contemporary design of the present times.

Image Credit: Sabparod Studio

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