Modern View Home with Flashes of White and Grey Tones

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Accessibility and space benefits are vital reasons why bungalows can be good investments. Likewise, there are many other great things about bungalows that make them popular for all ages. Besides, choosing one storey is cheaper to build, thus requiring lower construction and maintenance costs.  Similarly, one storey houses are more efficient considering space and time like this modern view home that shines in a blend of white and grey colors shades.

Picture of Modern View Home with Flashes of White and Grey Tones

Features of Modern View Home Design

Certainly, the featured house is an eye-catcher with its graceful exterior concepts.  A versatile mix of white and grey color tones in the elevation lends a pleasant appeal. The external façade is designed by providing a comfortable outdoor living space so its beauty easily comes to view.

A great fixture for an urban community, this contemporary home design is unique and functional at the same time. Starting with a verandah designed with grey floor tiles and steel guardrails, it serves as a perfect entrance to the interior of the house. Additionally, it blows outstandingly with pillars accented by natural stone elements in a grey shade and a separate flat roof in grey tone as well.

The prominence of the external façade extends to the 8.0-meter-long garage with similar square pillars accented by natural stones in a grey tone. Actually, the garage doesn’t look like a mere carport, but an extension of the inner space for family activities.

This design in a comfortable location and setting definitely supply enough natural air and light to make the interior at a pleasant level. Additionally, the reflective glass doors and windows make the inner space brighter and cozier. Similarly, they also allow the family to get a look at the panoramic view of the outdoor space.

Another significant feature of this design is the multiple assemblies of flat and shed roofing styles. This roof design with grey tiles, ceilings and gable lend a pleasant and inviting atmosphere. Meanwhile, the exterior walls with mineral plaster finish in tidy white paint create an elegant façade.

Picture of Modern View Home with Flashes of White and Grey Tones

Specifications and Floor Plan of Modern View Home Design

This graceful house stands in a lot that measures 11.0 x 13.0 meters with a usable building space of 120.0 sq. meters. The space hosts a verandah, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, service area and storage room, and a carport.

Starting with the driveway you will be greeted by a spacious verandah to access the living room through glass doors. Once inside, you will notice the great living spaces in a rectangular open layout on the right portion. From the living room, you will observe the dining room and kitchen in front. Meanwhile, the left section hosts the two bedrooms that sit side by side and the two bathrooms at the back. The inviting carport sits comfortably on the right corner of the house.

The outdoor living space with lovely landscaping is a great space for relaxation and family-related activities.

Hope you like this design.

Image Credit: Dream House 

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