Striking Split Level Home with Drive Under Garage

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Versatile lifestyle options and unique architectural details make this design a home that will cater to the needs of your family now and for years to come. This one-and-a-half level of living creates the perfect balance between accommodation and social zones. Additionally, this striking split level home brings together the elements that give the family a reason to smile every day. Discover its brilliant features.

 Picture of Striking Split Level Home with Drive Under Garage

Features of Striking Split Level Home

The separation between the two zones offers a true sense of retreat for quiet time. In fact, there are adequate spaces inside and outside for the family to come together, and share thoughts every day. This design that explodes in strength and character stands unique with pyramid-like columns in a raw cement plaster finish.

One remarkable feature of this contemporary design is the plenty of spaces for private and public accommodation for the family and guests.  Starting with the elevated balcony designed with marble tiles and steel guardrails, and a hip roof with a dormer, which is a great extension of the inner spaces for relaxation. With its comfort level, it is a smart idea to bring the interior outside to enjoy the outside panoramic view. Simply open the glass doors for quick access and invite fresh air to shower the interior.

Picture of Striking Split Level Home with Drive Under Garage

With a private balcony on the second level accessible from the bedroom, you can get some fresh air, and experience a great meal while enjoying watching the panoramic beauty of the outdoor living spaces. Additionally, the space is comparatively safe, secure, and relaxing.

Picture of Striking Split Level Home with Drive Under Garage

Moreover, the drive under garage will be perfect to host any affair or function at its best especially if the condition of the outdoor space is not accommodating due to climatic situations. Equally, the space is inviting conducive, and comfortable.

Probably, one of the unique features of this house is the cross hip roof with dormers. The entire assembly with grey tiles and ceilings is stylish that adds an extra punch to the house’s character.

Specifications of Striking Split Level Home

This design boasts coziness with a comfortable inner space and an airy outdoor space.  It stands in a lot with dimensions of 12.0 x 14.5 meters and yields a building space of 190.0 sq. meters for both floors.

The ground floor is a light-filled, open concept in which you’ll love entertaining as much as you’ll enjoy quiet nights with a casual meal. The right side hosts the living spaces where the living room overlooks the dining room and kitchen.  The left side of the living room features one guest bedroom.

Meanwhile, the second level hosts the private zone of two bedrooms, where everyone will love the sanctuary, this floor offers. The master suite is located at the front corner, allowing for some well-earned peace and privacy away from the family. The secondary unit occupies the opposite corner at the back. Both bedrooms are provided with huge walk-in robes and share a common bath between them. The drive under garage sits comfortably below the private zone.

To sum up, whether it’s a relaxed family get-together or a glittering event with a crowd of friends, this house is the perfect setting for an event to remember. The well-trimmed landscaping with verdant trees around the entire building offers function and comfort. Similarly, the spacious, sun-filled outdoor living area creates a seamless flow and uninterrupted interaction between spaces. It is perfect for outdoor dining and other family-related activities.

Image Credit: Dream House 

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