Exclusive Contemporary Home Design with Regal Exterior

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Everyone has an eye for great designs. You’ll adore this exclusive contemporary home design that floats with stylish and elegant exterior concepts. Modern homes are the trend nowadays and have established their authority as the most sought-after choices of most homebuyers. Who would not be amazed by the modern styling of the regal exterior with upscale features? As can be seen, this design also stands out with beautiful aesthetics and comfort.

Definitely, this contemporary home design will fascinate families who want the ultimate in style, comfort, and ease of livability. It offers up loads of charisma that screams in a fusion of white, grey, and brown tones. The soft colors lend the elevation a cool vibe and homey appeal.

Features of Exclusive Contemporary Home Design

At first glance with this design, the first thing you’ll notice is a feeling of serenity that comes over you. The exterior feels complete and sweeping without overwhelming the senses. In fact, the amazing outdoor living and spacious extra spaces are responsible for making the entire house comfortable.

Picture of Exclusive Contemporary Home Design with Regal Exterior

Some of the impressive features of this design include the following:

  • elevated, gorgeous verandah with brown marble tiles, columns, a rectangular pillar, and a flat roof
  • balcony secured by steel guardrails accessible from the master suite
  • wall cladding with accents of wooden planks
  • combination of transparent glass doors and frosted glass windows
  • elegant cross hip roof with grey ceramic tiles and white ceilings
  • exterior walls in bluish-grey plaster finish
  • detached, well-designed two-car garage and an inviting driveway
  • impressive and functional internal layout

These elements in refined assembly and workmanship join together to give the house a stylish curb appeal, generating an elegant masterpiece.

You will certainly appreciate this house that promotes comfort in every space. The multi-pane glass elements not only heighten the aesthetic value but also provide a balance of privacy and natural light. Equally, they offer the internal rooms excellent views of the external living areas while still protected from outside view. Similarly, the gorgeous verandah is a great extension of the inner spaces for relaxation and other family activities. This also makes the interior feels cozy. In fact, you can simply open the glass doors and invite tons of fresh air to flow freely inside.

Specifications of Exclusive Contemporary Home Design

There is a spacious feeling in this house with an open layout and excellent design that stands in a lot of 177.0 sq. meters of usable space. The internal layout provides a verandah, two balconies, living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, and four bathrooms.

The stunning verandah offers the home real comfort, creating an instant feeling of relaxation on arrival. Once inside, you will observe the spacious great room that features the living and dining rooms in an open concept that occupies the left and front sections of the plan. With a pleasant atmosphere, you can enjoy any family entertainment anytime. The impressive kitchen forms the central hub of all the family action, where great meals can be enjoyed anytime.

You will also admire the way the living spaces separate from the private zone. The master suite resides at the front right, delighting its occupants with a private ensuite and huge walk-in robe. As for the secondary bedrooms, they are also provided with private baths, and individual walk-in closets that lay towards the right, all with easy access to the living and dining rooms.

Overall, the spacious outdoor space with a lovely garden and brimming lush landscaping invite ultimate comfort. This space is a perfect venue for relaxation, outdoor dining, and various functions.

Image Credit: Design and Construction for Lampang

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