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Modern Bungalow House Design in Cool Tones

Posted by Barrett Drew Maverick on October 27, 2022
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There are many other great things about bungalows that inspire many property buyers. This is a smart home design that offers you the best of modern living and functionality for a retreat or vacation house. Additionally, it focuses and gives priority to space that offers comfort both on its interior and exterior. Moreover, despite its size, this modern bungalow house design offers practical family living with a unique sense of light and space that makes every day feel like a holiday.

Picture of Modern Bungalow House Design in Cool Tones

It’s not always the size that matters to families and homebuyers. Small but graceful, the exterior in a blend of white and grey hues registers a cool vibe and homey appeal. Likewise, the soft, cool tones lend the elevation a pleasant atmosphere.

Picture of Modern Bungalow House Design in Cool Tones

Features of Modern Bungalow House Design

The house features an elevated terrace and balcony designed with marble tiles, and steel battens and secured by steel guardrails, columns, and flat roofs. With a limited size, these additional spaces are great extensions of the inner rooms for relaxation and social functions. In fact, outdoor activities dominate vacations, so these areas tend to be more functional.

Picture of Modern Bungalow House Design in Cool Tones

Style, aesthetics, and comfort are the gifts of this graceful house. The most significant elements are the glass massive glass doors and windows that transmit tons of natural light and air that make the interior airy and comfortable. Similarly, aside from aesthetics, the well-placed glass panes give the house a balance of privacy and natural light. Besides, the inner rooms have great views of the outdoor living areas while they are still protected from outside view. Likewise, this design is also stylish with high ceilings that offer an immediate sense of light and space.

This stylish design also stands unique with a pair of shed roof assemblies with grey metal sheets and white ceilings. The entire assembly along with the spotless exterior walls with white plaster finish exude class and finesse in refined workmanship.

Specifications of Modern Bungalow House Design

This design boasts coziness with comfortable inner and outdoor spaces.  The entire space hosts a terrace, balcony and one big hall inside that provides the living, dining, and kitchen at the left and a bedroom on the right side.

The spacious balcony in the right wing and accessible from the bedroom extend its function for family activities. Meanwhile, the open carport finds its comfortable spot on the right side of the house.

Overall, with the location and green setting, this design will be a perfect vacation house where the family can share a stress-free life.

Image Credit: Phakdi Design 

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