Make Your Living Room Look Bigger With These Easy Tricks

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When you move into a new home, it is unlikely for every room to be exactly what you want. Each home is different, and you can design the space to suit your needs. It’s easier to fill up a large space with furniture than make a small room appear larger.

Especially with living rooms because a lot is going on. If you frequently have guests over, you would know how it might look stuffy if it is not well designed. However, it needs to be well-designed. You can create an illusion of a bigger space if you follow these simple tips –

1.  Pay Attention to Proportions

Anything to do with small space furniture is about dealing with proportions.   For example, a piece is too large if it bumps up against the room’s edges, either vertically or horizontally. Always allow space between the sides of your furniture and the walls to give the impression that the space is larger. A bed is an exception; a queen-sized bed between two walls, for example, makes a comfortable sleeping cave.

Also, avoid bulky, heavy things that take away too much of the room’s useful space. For instance, a modern couch or chair will serve better as it will occupy far less space than a densely packed sofa but will have just as much sitting room. If you want a big, bold item like a piece of art or a mirror, hang it up. Do not place it on the ground to save important living space.

2.  Choose Decore Wisely

Your room’s decor can give the impression that it is smaller by clogging up the space. It’s okay to cover only some of your room in decoration. The more you let it “breathe” and open it up, the bigger the room will feel. On tables or dressers, place decor in groups of three or five objects. To avoid visual clutter, arrange them on a tray.

The area will feel more open if one massive piece of artwork is used on the wall rather than a gallery display of smaller ones. Place all your smaller photographs on one wall if you have a lot to exhibit.

3.  Choose the Right Paint

When preparing to paint the interior of their home, people commonly wonder about the colors that make a space appear larger. A room can have depth by using contrasting light and dark colors. Keep in mind that medium tones will make your space appear smaller than it is. Contrarily, using dark and dazzling white colors that open up a room gives the impression of a much larger space. But that doesn’t mean you have to stick to the boring basics, you can use the most popular living room colors and still use this hack.

Not every small space is square. Some could be lengthy and narrow. When thinking about using paint to make a little room appear broader, remember that light and cool colors recede or seem further away, and Warm, deep hues move closer to us.

When decorating long, narrow areas, paint the opposing shorter walls a shade or two darker than the two longer walls. That will make them look square-shaped and make them feel closer. Alternatively, you can paint the longer walls a darker color to emphasize the room’s length, depending on how you want to portray the space.

4.   Add Mirrors

Any space can be made to appear bigger and airier by using mirrors. To create depth, choose a focal point and tilt your mirrors in its direction. Mirrors can also reflect artificial and natural light to increase the brightness of space during the day and at night. Placing a mirror close to a window is useful to reflect the outside world.

You may also use reflective cabinet doors to create the illusion of greater space in your home. It can also be done by using glass table tops and mirrors on the walls. Another brilliant idea to make a space look larger is to place mirrors on the floor.

5.   Add a Focal Point

The ideal focal points for living rooms are things that attract you and are where your eyes first land when you walk in. Create your own focal point in a room without any fireplace or any other noticeable elements by painting one of the walls with a vibrantly printed wallpaper.

Choosing the widest wall may lengthen a room and make a tiny living room appear larger. A busy pattern will draw the eye. Place the furnishings in a welcoming arrangement to allow the feature wallpaper to take center stage.

6.  Get a Large Rug

Large living room rugs are excellent, especially in compact living rooms. Although it may seem paradoxical, a sizable rug can help to lengthen the room by calling attention to it and giving the floor area the impression of being larger. If a rug is too small, it won’t help to make a small living room look bigger because it can look out of scale with the larger pieces of furniture and seem to float in the middle of the space.

If you can, choose a rug that is the same size as your sofa. When deciding how to arrange the furniture in a living room, a huge rug might serve as an anchor point. If possible, run it underneath the legs of your sofa and coffee table, leaving around 25 to 30 cm around the room’s perimeter, so the floor underneath is still visible.


A large living room with a cozy ambiance is what everyone wants. It might not be picture-perfect all the time. But following the tips mentioned will make your small living room look bigger.

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