One-Storey House Design with Graceful Verandah

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It is fact that contemporary homes stand out and are gaining popularity because of their features and benefits. They are often built for sustainability and energy efficiency. Presently, as the population increases, the demands for more houses are also increasing proportionately. Additionally, space, resources, energy, and privacy might be hard to find in one but are possible to achieve. This stylish one-storey house design will prove that space and energy efficiency is attainable.

Features of One-Storey House Design

This one storey house focuses on uniqueness and style. The exterior façade in a blend of white, grey, and brown hues with an orange accent creates a striking and interesting atmosphere. Likewise, the external concepts offer smart functions in keeping the interior at a pleasant level.

Picture of One-Storey House Design with Graceful Verandah

This contemporary home gives an extra focus to natural light levels. It features large glass doors and sufficient windows in all elevations that bring in natural light and air to achieve a comfortable feeling inside the house.  Similarly, glass doesn’t just permit the homeowners to get a good look at the outside panoramic view but also gives the interior a comfier feeling.

The following outstanding features allow this design to stand out:

  • a spacious rectangular verandah designed with brown marble tiles, well-designed pillars accentuated by brown stacked stones on the middle height, bench for seating, and a separate flat roof that secures and beautify the structure
  • elevated base with accents of stone elements in brown shade
  • grey-tinted glass doors and windows for cross ventilation of the interior
  • exterior walls with mineral plaster finish in tidy white and grey shades
  • shed roof assemblies with roof tiles and eaves, fascia board, and gable in orange tone

Picture of One-Storey House Design with Graceful Verandah

Interior Design of One-Storey House Design

The interior design is simple but graceful in cream color from floors, walls to ceilings.

Picture of One-Storey House Design with Graceful Verandah

The hallway that connects to all rooms shines in cream marble tiles.

The recessed ceilings burst in elegance with beautiful chandelier and perimeter lightings.

The bathroom although small exudes grace with grey-colored floor and wall tiles.

This modern home is perfect for a family who wants lots of space to socialize outdoors. The outdoor living space is still raw but the available space can be utilized for a lovely garden and landscaping. Likewise, the space can be an informal diner for quick meals by providing a table and chairs.

Overall, you can enjoy a lovely afternoon out in this beautiful residence.

Image Credit: Naibann

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