Amazing Small House Design with Sophisticated Exterior

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There are many reasons why smaller homes are drawing more appeal to most homeowners. Clearly, smaller spaces inspire families to live with less stuff. Likewise, it also takes less to clean and maintain a small house. Most importantly, smaller homes are more affordable, thus you spend less and save more for other necessities. In other words, this house caters to families with an average income. This amazing small house design will suit the present lifestyle and even with the size has the complete services inside.

Picture of Amazing Small House Design with Sophisticated Exterior

This contemporary house is uniquely styled with a minimalist approach and designed to meet the demands for modern-style homes. The house explodes in a versatile fusion of white and grey hues with a little accent of brown that creates a cool and interesting ambiance. Specifically, this design in soft shades keeps the exterior pleasant and graceful.

It features a small porch on the main entrance. The exterior façade shines excellently with wall cladding of natural sandstones and a canopy-like roof in brown tone. Additionally, the exterior walls painted in white look very tidy and refined delivering a contemporary look.

Picture of Amazing Small House Design with Sophisticated Exterior

The design also offers a glass door and frosted glass windows on white-colored frames that allow cross ventilation to keep the interior at a pleasant level. Equally, the comfort is matched by the pleasantness of the outdoor living space with a lovely garden and landscaping.

One remarkable feature of this design is the graceful hip roof assembly with grey tiles and white ceilings creating a graceful house.

Picture of Amazing Small House Design with Sophisticated Exterior

The interior of this design is an extension of the exterior considering the concepts and look. The living room looks striking with a dominant color brown from wooden floor tiles, table, and doors. Meanwhile, the interior walls in tidy cream color heighten the elegance of the space

Specifications and Floor Plan of Amazing Small House Design

This modern home design focuses on style and function and uses the space efficiently because it needs to complement the overall design including its size. The house stands in a lot that measures 9.0 x 4.0 meters only with a usable building space of 36.0 sq. meters. The floor area hosts a porch, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, and one bathroom.

This is a compact and straightforward layout. As you enter from the porch, you will observe a space divided into two major sections, the living spaces on the left side and the two bedrooms and a bathroom on the right side. Small lot with a simple layout.

The house might be of small area, but the spacious surroundings complement the interior space. The overflowing comfort that the garden and lush landscaping offer make this house a perfect place for healthy living.

Image Credit: Sam House Plans

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