Creative Exterior Concepts of Contemporary House

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Modern house plans became popular a few decades ago and recently have seen a renaissance in status. They exist in various sizes and styles from simple to wonderful designs and concepts. Actually, one storey houses can be beautiful properties. Moreover, there are lots of reasons why a single level house can be the home you had to settle with. Find out why this contemporary house design with creative exterior concepts can be a smart choice for most homeowners.

Picture of Creative Exterior Concepts of a Contemporary House

Features of a Contemporary House with Creative Exterior Concepts

A true modern marvel, this contemporary plan has it all. With contrasting design elements coming together makes a remarkable curb appeal. It excels with contemporary features of gorgeous exterior elements, sharp clean lines, and workmanship. Similarly, the concepts include a combination of building materials like concrete, marbles, stone elements, metal, and glass that altogether create a stunning facade

Picture of Creative Exterior Concepts of a Contemporary House

The design highlights an elevated terrace embellished with prominent pillars, grey tinted glass, and a well-designed cross hip roof. The result is a masterpiece that pulls your eye in and draws you towards the front door in the middle of the house. Undeniably, the fusion of white and grey hues generates a graceful and fascinating exterior. By using soft colors, the exterior leaves an interesting character.

Aside from the sophistication, this design explodes with the following defined features:

  • eye-catching staircase and terrace with grey tiles secured by well-defined pillars with natural stone elements and an extended hip roof
  • large-sized glass doors in brown tint that receives natural light and air creating a pleasant and cozier space
  • porch glass windows in dark grey frames that equally ventilate the interior
  • concrete laths that add extra aesthetics to the building
  • exterior walls in a tidy and refined mineral plaster finish in white and grey shades
  • well-designed cross hip roof assembly with grey tiles and white ceilings

Overall, the features of this design deliver a truly beautiful and sophisticated masterpiece.

Specifications and Floor Plan of Contemporary House with Creative Exterior Concepts

This house with impressive and sharp rooflines stands in a lot that measures 14.0 x 9.1 meters that yields a usable space of 105.0 sq. meters. This smart layout hosts a terrace, living room, dining area, kitchen, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms. Additionally, the open space on the right side can be the carport.

As you step into the front terrace, you are greeted by sliding glass doors that bring you into the spacious living room with plenty of natural light. A plan that focuses on privacy, features a master’s bedroom with a private ensuite in the left-wing. On the other hand, the secondary bedrooms are in front and at the right of the living room. Meanwhile, the dining area and kitchen sit on the back right corner of the design, while the other bathroom sits between the dining and one of the bedrooms.

The inviting and beautiful frontage complements the grace of the exterior and completes the elegance of this house.

Indeed, a beautiful house to own.

Image Credit: Naibann

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