Modern 3 Bedroom House with Separate Carport

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When considering 21st century home construction, there are quite a number of reasons to choose the benefits of a modern home design. Smart usage of space is a major factor to consider in home planning. Additionally, it is vital to give importance to minimizing waste while considering things like natural light and outdoor connections. To sum up, these are the heart of contemporary home design that this modern 3 bedroom house possesses.

Characteristics of Modern 3 Bedroom House

This contemporary one storey house plan boasts an eye-catching exterior. The distinctive layout of the home plan makes good use of its 177.0 sq. meters of living space. A bungalow house in a fusion of cream, grey, and brown hues creates a pleasant and appealing atmosphere. Particularly, this design with cool shades keeps the exterior captivating.

Picture of Modern 3 Bedroom House with Separate Carport

If you look in front of this design, you will see an elevated terrace on the right and a spacious verandah on the left side. The terrace with access from the master’s bedroom is designed with grey marble tiles and secured by grey steel guardrails. Meanwhile, the delightful verandah looks charming with glossy brown marble tiles, grey columns, and a separate flat roof. The space does not only function as an extra space but it can serve other outdoor activities. In fact, being provided with a table and chairs, this is a perfect venue for informal diner. Friend and guests will appreciate this space for chatting and coffee breaks.

The other outstanding features of this modern home design include the wall cladding with brown and grey natural stones that registers a unique appeal. The remaining part of the exterior walls is treated with mineral plaster in a grey finish. Likewise, the design also features glass doors and windows in grey-colored frames with a white outline on the perimeter. With this glass medium, the home looks more airy and spacious as it allows light to enter the interior of the house. Glass medium doesn’t just allow the homeowners to get a good look at the panoramic view of it, but also gives the interior a cozier feel.

The cross hip roof assembly looks very prominent with grey-colored tiles and white ceilings.

Specifications and Floor Plan of Modern 3 Bedroom House

Step inside this incredible modern home plan and you’ll know instantly that it was custom designed for today’s modern family. The floor area of 177.0 sq. meters has the following few features: a verandah, terrace, living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, four bathrooms, and carport.

This modern design is a welcoming home plan with excellent curb appeal, beginning right away with a striking multi-purpose verandah. From the verandah, you will see the living room that enjoys a free-flowing concept with the dining room and kitchen in an L-shaped scheme. Meanwhile, the three bedrooms each of which has an attached bathroom occupy the right section of the layout. While the living spaces offer an open plan, and are perfect for entertainment, the private zone, on the other hand, delivers a high level of privacy.

One distinct feature of this house is the two-car garage which has a comfortable spot in a separate space. The carport looks great with well-defined pillars and a hip roof.

Overall, the garden and landscaping look very lovely. The tiled driveway and rectangular footpath is another excellent feature of this residence. A spacious front yard with plants and lush trees makes this house perfect for families in need of comfort.

Image Credit: Ezy Design and Construction

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