Elegant Bungalow House with Splendid Interior Design

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Bungalows are wonderful homes. You can create lots of designs using various concepts because there are no rules to follow. Similarly, you can customize your designs by incorporating your lifestyle and character. For many years now, these types of houses like this elegant bungalow house continue to gain more following for many reasons. A home that is entirely on one level is easier to pick up and maintain especially for the elderly and children. Likewise, being one storey requires less cost of construction and maintenance.

This bungalow house design focuses on uniqueness and elegance. It carries distinct features of modern exterior elements, sharp, clean lines, and cross hip rooflines. Similarly, it is also composed of a combination of building materials like natural wood, metal, stone elements, and glass. A house in a blend of white, grey, and brown hues creates a pleasant and engaging atmosphere. Particularly, this design with cool shades keeps the exterior fascinating.

Picture of Elegant Bungalow House with Splendid Interior Design

Features of Elegant Bungalow House

This contemporary one-story house plan boasts an eye-catching exterior. The unique layout of the home plan offers the following features:

From its outdoor space, there is a spacious open verandah giving a full scenic view of the lovely landscaping and pond. This space is provided with a table and chairs which can serve as an informal diner for quick meals and coffee breaks. Additionally, this space can be an extension of the living room for relaxation and family-related activities.

Furthermore, the house also features glass doors and windows in grey-colored frames. By using large-sized glass doors and windows, the home looks more airy and spacious as it allows light to enter the interior of the house. Glass medium doesn’t just allow the homeowners to get a good look at the panoramic view of it, but also gives the interior a cozier feel.

The exterior walls look very tidy with a mineral plaster finish in white paint, which creates a perfect pleasant match with grey and brown hues. One of the highlights of this house is the well-designed cross hip roof assembly with grey-colored tegula tiles and white-painted ceilings.

Interior Design of Elegant Bungalow House

The interior design looks impressive as the exterior concepts. Likewise, the elegance is communicated well to the inside. Take a look at the concepts.

The interior is neat and well organized too with all the furniture and decors in it. The space looks graceful from color choices and combinations, furniture and fixtures to assembly. I also like how they added decors and accessories in the area. Undoubtedly, the product is a tidy and refined space.

The Dining Room and Kitchen

Picture of Elegant Bungalow House with Splendid Interior Design

The Bathroom

Picture of Elegant Bungalow House with Splendid Interior Design

The Bedrooms

Specifications and Floor Plan of Elegant Bungalow House

A modern bungalow house of 78.0 sq. meters living space, it offers a superb floor plan that includes an open verandah, living room, dining area, kitchen, two bedrooms, and one bathroom.

Entering the house, you will notice a modern well designed dining room that enjoys a free-flowing concept with the living room and kitchen. This obviously saves space and promotes better mobility and accessibility. Meanwhile, the private zone of two bedrooms sits on the right side of the plan. The lone bathroom is sitting in the right corner at the back. As can be seen, the floor plan bears a smart concept and at the same time is very functional.

Indeed, with a lovely garden and landscaping with lush trees around, living in this house will be very healthy.

Image Credit: Hausbaudirekt

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