Majestic Single Floor Contemporary Residence

Picture of Majestic Single Floor Contemporary Residence
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What characteristics make present trend houses popular? At the present time, style and functionality make a house a hot trend with space utilization being the trade mark of contemporary residential architecture. As an illustration, this majestic single floor contemporary residence is one unit that defines modernism because of its acquired features.

It is a known fact that a home is the most popular, and will be the most lasting of all earthly building because it is where your heart lives. Equally, there is nothing like staying at home for real comfort. Certainly, you will experience the factual spirit of living with this majestic single floor contemporary residence. This captivating contemporary home is full of character to offer you security and comfort.

Contemporary residential architecture has progressed in full circle. The manifestations of the development of architecture are distributed everywhere. Amazing buildings and designs of smart minds burst with pride. In fact, there are plenty of stunning architectures built everywhere, which are classified as genuine images of the modern era.

Picture of Majestic Single Floor Contemporary Residence

New modern and contemporary residences have floor plans and designs defining a relaxed as well as comforting space. Layouts can be open and free flowing or highly private but friendly. Most homeowners prefer open layouts because of accessibility and flexibility. On the other hand, some would choose enclosed rooms in order to observe privacy and independence.

Description and Features of Majestic Single Floor Contemporary Residence

A beautiful home floor plan, this majestic single floor contemporary residence stands in a building space of 101.0 sq. meters. The interior design is friendly and at the same time, deliver a degree of privacy. On the other hand, the exterior façade looks lovely, prominent and elegant considering the materials, layout, design and the combination of colors used. The overall appearance of the outside façade is truly mesmerizing.

The notable elements of this majestic single floor contemporary residence are: porch/garage, sitout, living room, dining room, three bedrooms, two T&B, kitchen, service/working area and roof deck.

The significant features of this house plan are:

  • elevated and open sitout filled with abundant supply of natural air and light
  • comfortable sitout with accent of square columns of emser tiles in grey color
  • flexible and modern living room with L-shaped couch
  • centralized contemporary dining hall with high accessibility to and from other rooms
  • three bedrooms with individual walk-in-closets, coffered ceiling layout with perimeter lighting
  • master’s bedroom furnished with double vanity ensuite toilet, double shower and spacious walk-in-robe
  • comfortable L-shaped kitchen with granite counter tops; and a service/working area
  • two units of T&B – one attached and one detached
  • fascinating driveway and porch/carport accentuated with square columns and grey colored emser tiles
  • an array of dark brown aluminum framed windows
  • identical gable type of roofs in in the carport and sitout in white color; and grey gable vent
  • exterior wall with mineral plaster finish painted in white and streak of grey
  • mix and match of white, grey and brown colors creating an elegant exterior façade
  • functional roof deck which is convertible into a space for family recreation and social activities
  • open outdoor space for entertaining family, friends and guests
  • beautiful landscape promoting green house
Floor Plan of Majestic Single Floor Contemporary Residence

Picture of Majestic Single Floor Contemporary Residence

The floor plan of this majestic single floor contemporary residence with three bedrooms shows a well-planned placements of all rooms. The elevated terrace and porch/garage occupy the entire frontage with identical gable roof in a perfect blend of white and grey shades. The sitout leads to the living room with an L-shaped couch facing the main door.

The comfortable dining hall stays in front of the living room. In sits on a comfort zone where plenty of air penetrates through the glass windows. The the L-shaped kitchen draws a high accessibility as it sits beside and at the left of the dining room. A service/working area is available at the back of the kitchen to support other kitchen activities.

The remaining section of the house is the sleeping quarter of three bedrooms distributed on the three corners of the design. The front right corner places the master’s suite equipped with double vanity ensuite toilet, double shower and spacious walk-in-robe. Meanwhile, the other bedrooms dwell on the front left corner and far right corner of the house. The two bedrooms own individual walk-in-closets while sharing a common T&B located below the staircase.

Additionally, a functional roof deck will serve as additional space for recreation room, relaxation space of venue for family affairs and gatherings.

To sum up, this majestic single floor contemporary residence of three bedrooms will definitely be an eye catcher because of its outstanding features, style, class and elegance.



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