Graceful One Story Traditional Bungalow House

Picture of Graceful One Story Traditional Bungalow House
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Do you want to escape from the deafening sounds of the city life? Or are you getting sick with air pollution across the streets of the metropolis? Take a break and stay away from the stress of a congested space. Explore and connect with a quiet environment. With this graceful one story traditional bungalow house, you will experience solemnity and peace you truly deserve.

Walk around the simplicity of the homesteads and sheltered communities. Despite being twisted with hefty loads every day, spare yourselves with some time to relax in order to at least escape from the stress. After all, we all deserve a break. This graceful one story traditional bungalow house is the best discharge for the stress.

When you decide to buy or build a house, the ideal space is the one that best and practically answer the needs. Consequently, if you’re scouting for a house, evaluate the situation and factors as well. We often define single level houses as being practical and comfortable homes. You can rely on this especially if you have a small family, for example with 3-4 members which is a common case at the present time.

Picture of Graceful One Story Traditional Bungalow House

Description of Graceful One Story Traditional Bungalow House

This graceful one story traditional bungalow house characterizes personality as well as style. It offers a wide range of facilities and conveniences that appeal to the full scale of homeowners.  A house built in the middle of an eco-friendly and green environment, a family will feel comfort and healthy ambiance. This single story house has a reputation for being practical, and very fairly so.

The exterior façade of this house hints the tone on how the interior looks like. Regardless of the type of the house, the outer façade defines an initial statement and image. The outside façade says plenty about the home’s character, and therefore reveals a sense of choice.  The design consistency will feature the inner concept an extension of the outside façade’s character.

A single story house with two bedrooms, this residence offers some marks of traditional touch. The front façade of this bungalow house offer a distinct personality considering the overall construction concept. As can be seen, the final building finish is clean, with refined edges and very geometric in presentation and design.

Features of Graceful One Story Traditional Bungalow House

The remarkable features of this graceful one story traditional bungalow house are:

  • elevated and well-designed casual open terrace,  with concrete balusters and capping serving as sitting area .  Strong rectangular columns with arched tops support the terrace.
  • the casual terrace is filled with plenty of natural air and light that penetrates to the inside of the structure
  • wall sized window facades which are great mediums for air and light supply to ventilate the interior of the building
  • an array of regular sized glass windows with white colored aluminum frames
  • exterior wall with mineral plaster finish in flesh and cream colors
  • multiple assemblies of average pitched hip roofs, made of maroon clay tiles and with brown fascia board
  • inviting driveway and carport secured by an extended shed roof
  • relaxed open area for entertaining family, friends and guests
  • lovely landscaping and access to nature which promotes a green environment

Overall, this graceful one story traditional bungalow house is a unit with a complete set of basic necessities in life. This home has an affordable building cost and low maintenance cost also. Hence, if you want to experience the freshness of nature and cozy atmosphere, then, this two bedroom residence is a perfect choice for you.



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