Astounding Two Bedroom Modern Bungalow House

Picture of Astounding Two Bedroom Modern Bungalow House
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As technology becomes more progressive, home building process also does. Consequently, this in turn allows everyone to live in comfortable and more efficient housing. The saying goes like, there is nothing like similar than staying at home for real comfort. Feel the real well-being with this astounding two bedroom modern bungalow house. It’s simple but cool. The refined architecture finish defines finesse and elegance.

Modern residential architecture has gone a long way. You can trace the evolution and development of designs which obviously has developed tremendously. The manifestations of the progress of architecture are everywhere. Marvelous products and creations of smart minds. In fact, there are lots of amazing architectures standing in almost every section of the world, which are genuine products of the new generation.

This is more apparent in the planned communities popping up all over the nation. In fact, modern homes are built as the ultimate living experience. Modern homes are now energy efficient, with customized floor plans, and security measures to keep families safe. If you are looking into buying a new home, choosing a house in a planned community may be the right choice for you.

Picture of Astounding Two Bedroom Modern Bungalow House

Residential architecture has everything for every family. As a matter of fact, there is a particular design that suits every family of various income levels. Similarly, a design is available for any type of land and locations. Simple houses to extravagant and lavish house models are available anytime, anywhere. It is just a question of our capacity to own one that fit your qualifications, taste, character and lifestyle.

Description of Astounding Two Bedroom Modern Bungalow House

The exterior façade of the house sets the tone of the image of interior. Regardless of the type of the house, the exterior delivers an initial statement and image. The outside façade says plenty about the home’s character, and therefore reveal a sense of choice.  The design consistency will feature the inner concept as an extension of the character of the outside façade.

The astounding two bedroom modern bungalow house in feature presents the trademark of a modern house. A single story house with two bedrooms, it delivers simplicity as well as style and beauty. The front façade of this bungalow house offers much personality considering the overall construction idea. The outside structure finish is neat and with clean edges.

Features of Astounding Two Bedroom Modern Bungalow House

In order to appreciate this modern bungalow house, the following outstanding features are integrated to generate this appealing design:

  • elevated and comfortable terrace with concrete masonry top serving as sitting area itself; and filled with plenty of natural air and light
  • terrace supported by square columns with accents of sparkling autumn stones in brown color
  • wall sized glass door with sidelites and transom with brown frames which is a smart medium for ventilation of the inside
  • exterior wall with mineral plaster finish in pebble grey color
  • combination of hip and gable roofs with average pitch in light brown color
  • reasonable outdoor space for entertaining family, friends and guests
  • lovely landscaping and access to nature which promotes a green environment
  • inviting driveway and carport with square columns accentuated by sparkling autumn stones
  • mix and match of flesh, grey and brown colors that delivers a harmonious blend and calm feeling

This residence is an image of a home that defines simplicity and elegance. Definitely, you will experience the true essence of living with this astounding two bedroom modern bungalow house. It is ready to offer you security and comfort.



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