Stimulating Single Story Country House

Picture of Stimulating Single Story Country House
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Real comfort is experienced at home. In fact, for some people, some places mean so momentous. But for most people, home is the most significant place. This is the nest where boundless memories were shared. Definitely, this stimulating single story country house with traditional accent will offer lots of memories. Come and have it built.

Your home is the place where your heart lives. The recollections will be worth and valuable especially when shared with your loved ones. Actually, there exists plenty of houses existing around because they are basically everywhere. But, it is hard to find one that will suit to your status, lifestyle, preferences and budget. Of course, there are lots of choices such as condominium, townhouse and house and lot, with each type having its own benefits and weaknesses.

Living in the countryside has a lot of advantages as well as disadvantages. As advantage, country living is healthier as the space has less pollution and the traffic isn’t so heavy. Consequently, a healthy environment will make you fit and you don’t need to worry much about your health condition. This is because in the countryside the air and water are so clean. Likewise, there are plenty of vegetables which we know are healthy.Picture of Stimulating Single Story Country House

This stimulating single story country house with traditional accent has the characteristics of what most families want. The unit looks so traditional considering the exterior façade. Similarly, it has the features of a modern country home considering the location.  More than that, this residence offers a sense of belonging as well as comfort because that is the intention of the design.

Picture of Stimulating Single Story Country House

Description of Stimulating Single Story Country House

Built in a cozy environment, this stimulating single story country house promotes green living as defined by high ceiling and relaxed environment. Being a modern country home, it is constructed with up-to-date architectural taste and appeal. A design with green building concept, it redefines the norm of a home with grace as well as tasteful design.

This residential house blasts with personality and also offers an energetic and energy efficient home for the whole family. An energy efficient home, this type of house plan also enriches the sense of space for visible and airy feeling. Furthermore, it offers a tranquil and satisfied living every day in the most spontaneous way. The size is good enough for 4-5 family members.

Picture of Stimulating Single Story Country House

While it demonstrates calmness and privacy, it’s equally suitable for the elderly couple who seek avoiding climbing stairs. This design has a concern on economical construction consideration. Furthermore, the simple architectural details and the minimal number of installation materials makes this house affordable to build.

Picture of Stimulating Single Story Country House

Features of Stimulating Single Story Country House

This country home has a building space of 150.0 sq. meters, 10.0 meters frontage and measures 15.0 meters lengthwise. The outstanding elements are: terrace, living room, family room, dining room, three bedrooms, kitchen, and two units of T&B.

The key features of this traditional tropical house are:

  • elevated main floor level from the natural grade line
  • elevated terrace with concrete masonry top serving as sitting area itself; square columns with accent of layered bricks in maroon color; and with separate gable roof
  • casual terrace filled with plenty of natural air and light
  • wall sized French styled glass door which are great medium for ventilation of the interior
  • friendly layout of the interior but with high level of privacy
  • an array of regular sized glass windows with hardwood frames in brown colored paint
  • external walls in mineral plaster finish
  • two assemblies of gable style roofs out of corrugated GI sheets in green color
  • spacious outdoor space for entertaining family, friends and guests
  • lovely landscaping and access to nature which promotes a green environment

Picture of Stimulating Single Story Country House

Floor Plan of Stimulating Single Story Country House

An amazing friendly floor plan, the spacious terrace leads to the main glass door where the equally spacious living room awaits. It has a comfy couch and complete set of entertainment. The family room sits to the right while the dining room is in front of the living room.

Two bedrooms sit on opposite sides of the dining room, while the third bedroom occupies the back right corner of the design. On the other hand the kitchen sits on the back left corner of the house. Two units of toilet and bath are beside each other and are in the middle of the kitchen and bedroom 3.

Picture of Stimulating Single Story Country House

This country home is comfortable and has a good ventilation because of an array of glass windows. With high ceilings as well, it promotes a green living.

Overall, this stimulating single story country house is one unit with a complete set of basic necessities in life. The building cost of is affordable together with lower maintenance cost as well. Hence, if you wanna experience the freshness of nature and feel a cozy atmosphere, then, this house is the best choice for you.



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