Designer’s Choice of a Charming Home Design

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Simple, yet a charming home design for a small family. Who does not want to have their own house? A house is a precious investment a household can have. In fact, it’s everybody’s dream to live in comfort which is present in a home.  However, not all can afford a shelter because of financial implications.

Anyway, whatever the situation is, it will always be an advantage having a house of our own. Remember the saying, “there is no place like home. Well, here is one home design that I believe will capture most hearts. Probably, not because of its size or it’s the cost, but because of the charming appeal that it owns.

The home design presented in this article will cater any type of location, whether urban subdivisions, rural communities or farm lands. Yet, this small house will fare good enough in the middle of a garden lot. This can be a residence or a vacation house for families who wants to escape from the noisy sounds of the metropolis. It can also be a nest for households who would like to spend comfort during summer times. Obviously, the location offers serenity and coziness.

Picture of Designer’s Choice of a Charming Home Design

Features of Designer’s Choice of a Charming Home Design

A lovely house for small lot, the simple features include:

  • Comfortable open porch
  • Wall-sized sliding glass door in grey aluminum frame
  • Open concept layout plan for the living and combined dining and kitchen
  • Two bedrooms and one T&B unit
  • Gorgeous external façade highlighted by a blend of white, grey and yellow colors
  • White painted flat roof
  • Inviting walkway with light brown floor tiles
  • Dazzling landscaping promoting green living

Picture of Designer’s Choice of a Charming Home Design

Description of Designer’s Choice of a Charming Home Design

This cool two-bedroom single story residence measures 12.0 x 7.0 meters giving a total livable space of 65.38 m². Small as it is, it stands to have the complete amenities and services of a true home.   The living spaces settle at the left section of the plan while the bedrooms occupy the right portion. There is not much complication in designing as the area is not so big. It requires only a smart concept to accommodate all the regular elements of every home.

The external façade of the structure is also simple. The house is elevated by three steps to let it look taller. The open porch introduces the sliding glass door, the use of which is a great idea for receiving plenty of light and air in the living room. In fact, this is one of the smart features of this home design, to offer comfort in the interior of the building.

The front façade which measures 7.0 meters didn’t fail to offer a beautiful frontage by using a mix of white, grey and yellow colors. Meanwhile, the other elevations look plain and modest with mineral plaster finish in white shade. The white perimeter fence and beautiful landscaping offer additional value and elegance to the whole house.

Picture of Designer’s Choice of a Charming Home Design

The Floor Plan

The front porch leads to the living room through sliding glass door. The living spaces is an open floor concept to allow better mobility and accessibility. Because of the size, the dining & kitchen are combined which measures 3.3 x 3.75 meters. On the other hand, the two bedrooms sit on the right side of the plan with identical 3.2 x 3.75 meters dimensions. The lone T&B stays at the back of the plan which is adjacent to the kitchen.

Floor Plan

Overall, the simplicity of life gives us more opportunities to be more creative and flexible. As a matter of fact, living simple and small really allows us to carefully consider what we have in life. Enjoy a healthy living in this designer’s choice of a charming home design.

Image credit: samphoas


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