Picture of Small Modern House Plan with Interior Design

Small Modern House Plan with Interior Design

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Modern house design has numerous meanings, depending on who you are asking. But in general, modern houses characterizes the use of clean lines inside and out with extremely, informal living spaces. In fact, the house in feature is a small modern house plan whose charm is heightened by the interior concept.

These types of houses are often recognized for their unique appeal with free flowing and flexible floor space. Additionally, industrial or modern materials are frequently used in the construction of these homes, such as brick, stone, cement, concrete, wood and steel. Likewise, the extensive use of glass, large windows fill modern homes with abundant natural light and air that ventilates the building’s interior.

This small modern house plan offers simplicity but with grace. Small as it may seem, it represents a home with complete requirements of a shelter which is more than enough to offer a comfortable living to a family.

Picture of Small Modern House Plan with Interior Design

Description and Features of Lovely Interior Design of Small Modern Home Plan

This design serves the purpose to accommodate the low or middle income family levels who are facing financial difficulties. In a way, because of its building cost, many can still afford the comfort of a shelter.

A one story residence, the simplicity of the exterior façade is balanced by how the interior concepts are executed. Blend and harmony are two important defining factors of the beauty of a house. The exterior design sets the tone and its connection to the interior reveals the architectural sense and level.

At the present time, interior design is the trend in residential architecture. Discover how this small modern house plan conveys the fusion of exterior façade with the lovely interior design.

Remarkable features of colorful and gorgeous interior design of one story modern house.

  • elevated open porch exposed to an airy atmosphere with plenty of natural light and air
  • welcoming carport strengthened by square columns of sparkling autumn stones
  • an array of white aluminum framed regular glass windows
  • double assembly of gable roofs out of GI sheets in brown color
  • external walls with mineral plaster finish in a fusion of brown and cream colors
  • open and free flowing floor plan layout
  • lovely interior design
  • simple landscaping promoting green building
Gorgeous Interior Design of Small Modern House Plan

Interior design is not merely the looks of the building’s interior. Actually, it also plays a significant role in its functionality. This is because even the largest house can look dull if it has poor interior concept, while a small house can be a cozy residence with the right design. Interior design is very important because it defines the overall appeal of the house. It should be aesthetically appealing and practical at the same time.

The Living Room

Picture of Small Modern House Plan with Interior Design

The living room is a revelation of gorgeousness that offers a lovely atmosphere. Everything in the space is light brown from floor to ceiling as well as all fixtures. This is a complete showcase of consistency and pleasantness.

The Dining Room

Picture of Small Modern House Plan with Interior Design


Look on how the dining room looks like. The curtains and chandelier lighting which are so elegant enhance the simple dining room. The room is an extension of how the living room behaves in light brown color.

The Kitchen

Picture of Small Modern House Plan with Interior Design

Simple as it may seem, the L-shaped modern kitchen looks well-designed, and also sporting a brown shade.

The Bedroom

Picture of Small Modern House Plan with Interior Design

Equally, the gorgeousness of the interior reflects in the bedroom. The room looks elegant from choice of furniture and accessories up to presentation and design. The fusion of light and dark brown colors adds a little drama in this cozy bedroom.

Again, it is not the size that only matters. The design and layout from the exterior to the interior will define the beauty and function of the house. To sum up, this small modern home plan will be an eye catcher that most families would like to have.

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