Turn a Bedroom into Closet: Creative Ideas

We love fashion, and clothes shoes, and other items are parts of our personal lifestyle. Generally, people like to invest in lots of stuff until they notice that our wardrobe can no longer accommodate everything that we have. Definitely, getting another wardrobe would be smart, but without enough space, your bedroom will be cramped. No worries. Instead of sacrificing more space in your small bedroom, if you have a spare bedroom in your home, you may want to convert it into a walk-in closet. The following ideas will help turn a bedroom into closet and create a  stylish walk-in closet of your taste.

Turn a Bedroom into Closet: Creative Ideas
  1. Provide plenty of light

Natural light makes the room brighter and feel cozier. But in creating a walk-in closet, you might consider covering the windows with blinds or curtains, which are general concepts of bedroom designs. Otherwise, your clothes will get sun-faded if they are exposed to the sun. Anyway, provide your bedroom with enough lighting like chandeliers, pendant lights, or recessed LED lights.  Just pick one that is functional and one that suits your style.

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2. Accessorize it with wall mirrors

In regardless of the bedroom size, a mirror is one of the most important necessities of a walk-in closet. Everybody always looks at the mirror and sees how they look like before leaving the house. Since it is very usable, then opt to have it in the wall in full size so you can see and fix yourself from head to toe. Likewise, with a full-length mirror, your walk-in closet will look like a fashionable store.

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3. Select an appropriate seating

Fixing yourself will be easier and comfortable with stylish and appropriate seating. It is advisable to equip your bedroom with a bench or stool for putting your shoes on or simply lounge seating for rest or relaxation.

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4. Tap your wall for extra storage space

We love to be fashionable and always want to come up with cool ideas in improving the OOTD, that drive us to buy more stuff like jumpers, sunglasses, or shoes. But you fail to realize that your wardrobe and cabinet cannot accommodate more. Nevertheless, you may opt to create additional space in the wall like hooks or shelves to host grab-to-go items that you use regularly. Besides making your wardrobe more organized, displaying accessories on the wall can better your closet look.

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5. Accessorize the space with a rug

You have to feel comfortable in your room. In fact, your bedroom should be a perfect haven to relax. Therefore, you need to personalize your closet and make it as comfy as possible. By introducing a rug like in the living room, you will have a smooth surface where you can lay down while taking a rest, or letting your feet feel soft while on barefoot. Choose one that defines your personality and matches the entire space.

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6. Invest with an open garment rack

You have your favorite clothes that you like to wear more frequently than the others. With a not-so-big space, having an ideal walk-in closet is a bit challenging. One solution is to opt for a garment rack to store your clothes and other stuff. Actually, garment racks are extremely efficient, compact, and easy to assemble. Aside from being affordable, it will allow you to see options at once.

7. Pay attention to the wardrobe

The wardrobe plays the most crucial role in creating an efficient and stylish walk-in closet. You can either buy a ready-made unit or fabricate one that fits and suits your space to accommodate your stuff. Well, anything will do as long as it can add a personality boost into space.

8. Bring in a large dressing table

Being fashionable allows us to have lots of clothes and stuff. Certainly, with a bigger space, you won’t find it difficult to keep them together in your wardrobe and closet. However, if your bedroom is spacious, you may bring in a dressing table where you can lay your jewelry, handbags, and magazines. A dresser, a desk, or even a table will be a functional fixture for the purpose.

9. Jazz up your closet to the best

You’re done with furnishing your bedroom with a wardrobe, mirror, lights, and seating. It’s time for you now to adorn the space and create a more functional and stylish room. You can make a great accent wall by hanging an oversized painting or photo. Similarly, to make it even more appealing is to invest in a unique pendant light that will jazz up your space while illuminating your room.

10. Be creative with your storage space

Generally, closets tend to clutter with stuff, especially the closed ones. It’s either that we have too much to keep or we don’t care about fixing them properly. Clothes especially jeans are eating too much space, so instead of stacking, try hanging them by their belts on hooks.

To sum up, converting your spare bedroom can be a daunting task. However, by applying one of the above ideas in turning a bedroom into a closet, you will have a more organized and functional space.

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