Picture of Three Bedroom Modern Bungalow House

Three Bedroom Modern Bungalow House

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Three bedrooms with a bit of privacy? Yes, it is indeed possible. Your house defines the level of freedom, privacy as well as peace of mind. To own a shelter is everybody’s dream and desire. Not only that it’s a fulfillment but, it is simply a different feeling if you stay in your own home. Whatever type of residence you would prefer to have is the concern of the family.

Pinoy House Designs continues to offer options of houses that fit with your status, character, personality, and lifestyle and at the same time your needs. Why don’t you consider this three bedroom modern bungalow house with roof deck?

The layout of the rooms identifies the level of privacy of this residential unit. This house will fit well in urban communities where privacy is given high importance.

Picture of Three Bedroom Modern Bungalow House

This three bedroom modern bungalow house requires 147 m² to build as per the plan. This three bedroom home can be the ideal size for a wide variety of arrangements. This plan offers three bedrooms, the master’s, and two for the children or the other may be spared for the guests. The other rooms are designed to complement and connect with the layout of the bedrooms. This bungalow house has the following features.

Floor area:   147 m²

Gable Roofed porch / garage, verandah

Living room, dining room, kitchen and work area

Three bedrooms, two attached T&B and one detached T&B

Staircase and roof deck

Three Bedroom Modern Bungalow House: Plan Description

You will love the modern look and feel of this three bedroom modern bungalow house. The covered porch / garage stands out in the center of the front façade leading to the small sitout. The living room comes after the main door separated by walls of the adjacent rooms. The formal dining room is located in the center of the house and bounded by the living room behind, the kitchen in front of it, the staircase to the right and bedroom’s T&B to the left. Two bedrooms sit to the left and to the right of the living room while the third one occupies the far left corner of the plan. Two bedrooms have individual attached T&B while the common T&B sits in the middle of the third bedroom and kitchen. All bedrooms have built-in-closets and coffered ceilings.

This plan has a work / service area near the U-shaped kitchen to the left to support the food and health activities. Meanwhile, the staircase to the roof deck sits beside the dining room on the right. The roof deck can serve various functions like recreation and fitness room, hall for family activities and venue for social and formal gatherings. The walls secured and enclosed all rooms to justify the plan’s purpose of observing the theme of privacy. This three bedroom modern bungalow house acknowledges the connection between rooms as can be seen from the strong layout and positioning of the home sections.

Picture of Three Bedroom Modern Bungalow House

Three Bedroom Modern Bungalow House: The Exterior Facade

Considering the overall appearance of this design, it appears very modern as it bears the characteristics of one modern house. The architectural feature of the facade, the combination of gable and hip roofs, materials used and appearance are contemporary in style. The porch / garage looks great in the middle of the front façade. Moreover, the columns accentuated by stacked stones add strength and appeal to the overall style of the structure. White and green with touch of grey shades establish a contrasting color weight, but deliver a blend of harmony. Indeed, the result is a structure of finesse and class.

How do you like this design? If you like it, come on and get it.

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