Stylish Prairie Modern House with Splendid Exterior Concepts

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Modern homes turn to be the in-demand choices of most families nowadays. In fact, their features and benefits highlight their popularity. Similarly, their designs are simple yet effective, functional yet flexible, and can be customized according to specific wants. Of course, if you have a bigger space, you have more chances of customizing the design. Let us find out the features of this stylish prairie modern house with splendid concepts.

This modern style home plan house oozes with contemporary features and focuses on uniqueness and sophistication. The house features a versatile fusion of white and grey hues with a little accent of orange-brown that creates a pleasant and fascinating ambiance. Specifically, this design in soft shades keeps the exterior warm and inviting.

Picture of Stylish Prairie Modern House with Splendid Exterior Concepts

Features of Stylish Prairie Modern House

This charming three-bedroom house plan has a modern and intricate exterior design as well as a functional interior layout. The following brilliant features make this house a real stand-out.

  • wide elevated verandah with grey floor tiles, columns painted in orange-brown on the lower height, and guardrails
  • wooden wall cladding with diagonal pattern design
  • sliding glass doors and windows in dark brown aluminum casements for cross ventilation to keep the interior at a pleasant level
  • exterior walls in mineral plaster finish in a refined and tidy white paint
  • combination of flat and gable roof assemblies with grey-colored tiles
  • inviting walkway and rectangular footpath of a beautiful lawn which beautify and heightens the aesthetic appeal of the house.
  • lovely garden and landscaping that shower comfort to the entire residence.

Picture of Stylish Prairie Modern House with Splendid Exterior Concepts

The impressive wide verandah bursts in elegance with artistic design and concepts. The space is provided with a table and chairs that can serve as an informal diner for quick meals. Additionally, the space can be an extension of the living spaces for relaxation.

Overall, the blend of white and grey hues is definitely a perfect combination that generates refined and tidy workmanship.

Specifications and Floor Plan of Stylish Prairie Modern House

This contemporary house has a smart floor layout where the space is used efficiently. The floor area of 101.0 sq. meters spreads to a verandah, living room, dining area, kitchen, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms.

The design features an elevated verandah that will bring you to the living spaces in a free-flowing concept. The layout has the living room and the three bedrooms gather together in front of the design.  Meanwhile, the back section hosts the dining room and kitchen. The two bathrooms sit between the kitchen and the master’s bedroom.

This house with a marvelous exterior concept is complemented by a lovely garden and landscape around the entire house.

Indeed, this residential house is perfect for families in great need of comfort.

Image Credit: Naibann

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