Small Contemporary House Concept with Two Bedrooms

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As time passes by, beautiful new contemporary homes are becoming trendier as they match peoples’ changing lifestyles and giving a perfect blend of uniqueness. Similarly, they are getting more popular by showing richness and modern looks. In fact, this small contemporary house concept with two bedrooms aims to provide homeowners the satisfactory benefits of proper utilization of space, light, and air. The concept of offering both aesthetics and comfort is on offer.

Picture of Small Contemporary House Concept with Two Bedrooms

Modeled from some of the most popular modern designs, this home will conclusively be a stand out in its own right. Starting with an extraordinarily exceptional exterior of natural stone wall cladding, fans of modern styles will love this house even at first sight. Likewise, the inside of this bungalow house is equally impressive.

Picture of Small Contemporary House Concept with Two Bedrooms

The overall exterior design of this one storey residence looks striking with a versatile blend of white, grey, and brown shades that bring a pleasant, and interesting atmosphere. Enfolded with a combination of concrete, stone accents, and glass, the house delivers an incredible splendid exterior façade.

Picture of Small Contemporary House Concept with Two Bedrooms

The walls are wrapped with stones cladding in brown and grey tones that add style to its appearance. As can be seen, it is not only the materials and style that make this house unique but the concept, details, and workmanship as well. Additionally, the house also features well-defined exterior walls and concrete flat roofs that do not only secure but beautify the building.

Furthermore, there are large glass doors and windows in dark grey-colored frames that certainly offer modern aesthetics. This glass medium allows cross ventilation to keep the interior with the temperature at a pleasant level. Another trademark of this design is the well-designed concrete flat roof that showcases strength and prominence.

Interior Design of Small Contemporary House Concept

With a compact design, the living spaces are in an open concept. The living room has a tactile sofa and a centerpiece both in a brown shade that provides a simple impact. A brown table and chairs create a perfect match with the living room concept. Once again, the combination of cream and brown shades delivers a cool and pleasant ambiance.

Specifications and Floor Plan of Small Contemporary House Concept

Simple as it is, this house utilizes a usable building space of 80.0 sq. meters. The area is s into a small porch, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a carport.

From the carport, you’ll pass through a small porch to reach the living room. The living room enjoys a free-flowing concept with the dining room and kitchen. The dining room is flanked by two bedrooms, one on the left and another in front of it. Meanwhile, the lone bathroom sits beside the kitchen. The well-designed carport finds its comfortable spot on the right side of the design.

To sum up, the interior feels pleasant with the large windows. On the other hand, the lush garden landscaping offers the exterior with comfort to livability.

Image Credit: Sam House Plans

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