Scandinavian House Design with Dazzling Exterior Concepts

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Men keep on trying to always make their home a comfort zone. Depending on the environment and climatic conditions, there are always opportunities to improve your home. There are areas in the world with severe winters and short summers, and it is under the influence of these realities that the Scandinavian style has evolved. Anyway, let us see how this Scandinavian house design delivers its brilliant features that might inspire most homebuyers.

By its brevity, the Scandinavian style is classified as a minimalist design. Restraint and simplicity of lines are enhanced by many details that make the house cozy and comfortable.

Picture of Scandinavian House Design with Dazzling Exterior Concepts

Features of Scandinavian House Design

The perfect home for an urban or city build, this cutting-edge modern design is as unique as it is functional. Beginning with a small elevated porch, you can access the great living room through floor-to-ceiling large glass doors and transom in grey tint.

This four-bedroom house plan has a modern design with graceful exterior elements and concepts.  In fact, the beauty of this house is defined by the versatile fusion of cream, grey, and brown hues that create a cool and fascinating atmosphere. Particularly, this modern style home design in pleasing colors keeps the exterior pleasant and interesting.

Picture of Scandinavian House Design with Dazzling Exterior Concepts

As can be seen, the main entrance is truly a revelation with large-sized glass doors, battens, and wall cladding with grey-colored natural stones. Likewise, the exposed exterior walls look charming with a tidy application of cream and grey tones. Moreover, the concrete battens on the left side stand pride in delivering an extra appeal to the structure.

Additionally, perhaps the most brilliant feature of this house is the enormous glass elements in the entire house which is the most dominant building medium utilized in this design. As consequence, they allow more than enough supply of natural light and air that penetrates inside the building. This concept makes the space bright and comfortable. Besides, these glasses permit the family members to get a clear view of the outdoor living space

External Design and Concepts of Scandinavian House Design

The following features describe the amazing characteristics of this design:

The Front Elevation with large-sized glass in the entire façade with a stunning tiled frontage

Picture of Scandinavian House Design with Dazzling Exterior Concepts

The Front and Left Side Elevation with a spacious two-car garage in a beautiful space with crazy cut marble tiles

Picture of Scandinavian House Design with Dazzling Exterior Concepts

The Left Side Elevation with identical glass windows, battens, and flat roof in grey shade

Picture of Scandinavian House Design with Dazzling Exterior Concepts

The Rear Elevation with enormous floor-to-roof glass in almost the entire façade. The battens look prominent as they complement the graceful appeal of the house. A swimming pool is an added amenity for family relaxation.

Picture of Scandinavian House Design with Dazzling Exterior Concepts

The Right Side Elevation with a closed gable roof of metal sheets in grey color

Floor Plan and House Specifications of Scandinavian House Design

This beautiful Scandinavian design is built in a lot with a usable space of 220.0 sq. meters including the balcony.  This design has the following specifications:

  • porch and balcony
  • living room
  • attic family room
  • spacious family hall
  • two dining rooms
  • kitchen
  • four bedrooms
  • four bathrooms
  • washing area
  • two-car garage

With a spacious layout, you can access the living room through sliding glass doors. Directly ahead of you lies an amazing great room which is a family favorite in its open concept.  The great room is open to the gourmet island kitchen and dining room. Then move your eyes to the left and you will see the large family hall. From the family hall, an access glass door will bring you to the outside garden and swimming pool for relaxation.

While the right section of the plan hosts the living spaces, the left side, on the other hand, contains the private zone of four bedrooms. The master’s bedroom with an ensuite occupies the left corner, while the secondary bedrooms are on its right and at the back. All bedrooms are provided with individual functional closets. There is also a billiard table beside the family hall for entertainment.

The attic can be accessed through the stairs on top of the kitchen. The space hosts a family room and a dining area where meals and coffees are available anytime.

Meanwhile, the inviting tiled two-car garage sits comfortably in the left front corner of the house.

Indeed, a design with lots of large glass elements, the comfort inside is immeasurable. The lovely landscaping and lush trees make this house even more pleasant.

To sum up, I hope that you love this house as much as I do.

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