Prestigious Four Bedroom Modern Residential House

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Generally, every family wants to own a shelter as basic necessity. However, the question is: what house will suit your need? In order to support the housing demands, thousands of model houses are available everywhere. It’s a concern of your financial capacity to buy one. For this reason, would you like to consider this prestigious four bedroom modern residential house?

A modern house with two floors, this unit has a combined floor area of 175.0 sq. meters. While the exterior façade looks vibrant, the inner concepts on the other hand are up-to-date. This prestigious four bedroom modern residential house is elegant as well as with a tasteful design with features that include: porch, garage, living and dining rooms, four bedrooms, kitchen, service area, three T&B and balcony.

This residence offers a lively home for the entire family. The main entrance uses two leaf sliding glass door which adds flexibility in design. The plan has a unique fusion between contemporary design, style and functionality.

Picture of Prestigious Four Bedroom Modern Residential House

Description of Prestigious Four Bedroom Modern Residential House

The exterior façade of this pleasant home is sure to attract attention with its overall style and design considerations. Architectural details are very prominent in most aspects which are heightened by plenty of dynamic features.

To enumerate, the key features of this prestigious four bedroom modern residential house are:

  • Beautiful landscape in front and left side elevation
  • Sloping driveway and two-car garage with supporting columns
  • Pair of sliding glass door in the main entrance and the MBR
  • High ceiling glass window panels on the left bedroom in the first floor
  • Covered balcony for recreation purposes accessible from the MBR
  • Single assembly of hip roof out of clay tiles
  • Coffered ceiling layout with perimeter lighting
  • Four bedrooms with the master’s furnished with a couch and ensuite T&B
  • Comfortable dining room with sliding glass door
  • Free flowing layout from dining to the kitchen with a service area
  • Great sized front outdoor space for family and guests’ entertainment
  • Dominance of flesh and grey colors in the exterior façade

Overall, the use of larger glass doors and windows proves to be functional with respect to ventilation. A great amount of natural air and light can easily penetrate the interior of the building due to their sizes.

Floor Plan of Prestigious Four Bedroom Modern Residential House

Picture of Prestigious Four Bedroom Modern Residential House

The ground floor of this house gathers the living spaces while the first floor contains the sleeping zone. The garage sits at the left corner and  elevated by two steps. A sliding glass door opens to the living room with a lovely couch. This is a free flowing open layout from the living room and dining room. To the left of the dining room stands the L-shaped kitchen and a service area beside it. A maid’s room dwells comfortably to the right of the dining room on the far right corner of the plan. Meanwhile, the common toilet serving the ground floor is located below the staircase.

Picture of Prestigious Four Bedroom Modern Residential House

The first floor level contains the sleeping zone where bedrooms share the space. Sitting on the front right corner is the master’s bedroom accessorized by a couch and an ensuite T&B. On the other hand, the other two bedrooms occupy the left section of the plan where they share a common T&B. All bedrooms have individual walk-in-closets. They also have ceilings in coffered layout with perimeter lighting. For relaxation purposes, a balcony which is accessible from the master’s bedroom completes the first floor level.

Indeed, this residence of excellent features is one home that most families will enjoy.

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