Nordic-Style Bungalow House with Three Bedrooms

Modern home designs have offered great dimensions and have advanced in a full circle. The indicators of the revolutions are visible everywhere. You will notice numerous astounding and stunning designs in every corner with smart and sophisticated concepts. Actually, this Nordic-style bungalow house with three bedrooms represents one of the modern designs that we have today.

Picture of Nordic-Style Bungalow House with Three Bedrooms

Features of Nordic-Style Bungalow House

See for yourself the graceful exterior design of this beautiful house that shines brilliantly in a classy white tone. Additionally, the touch of brown shade offers a perfect match that creates a pleasant atmosphere.

The home plan headlines a small porch with brown-colored tiles. It is the main entryway to access the living spaces through a framed glass door. It also features an inviting patio accessible from the bedroom through large sliding glass doors. Furthermore, the exterior wall embellished with glass blocks on the main entrance and at the back registers an additional appeal to the design.

Picture of Nordic-Style Bungalow House with Three Bedrooms

This smart design sheens with refined architectural concepts and at the same time is comfortable as well. Common to almost Nordic designs, it showcases a high ceiling concept, a closed gable roof, and a flat roof that shelters the front façade and large glass panels. The carefully placed glass medium gives the house a balance of privacy and natural light. The internal spaces have great views from the aesthetic appeal, the glass panels transmit tons of light and air that allow the inner space to look brighter and feel cozier. Equally, the brimming landscape showers the interior with lots of air making it even more comfortable.

Perhaps one of the most significant features of this modern house plan is the high-pitched gable roof with grey tiles. In fact, its refined assembly with spotless exterior walls in white plaster finish is beyond description in tidy workmanship.

Picture of Nordic-Style Bungalow House with Three Bedrooms

Specifications of Nordic-Style Bungalow House

This stylish design that perfectly suits a modern family has a friendly exterior with an area of 95.10 sq. meters. The usable building space spreads to a living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a patio.

You will feel at home the moment you set foot into this elegant house with a lovely natural exterior. As can be seen,  this design sells comfort as the house is surrounded by a brimming landscape and lust trees. Similarly, with the comfort it brings, the outdoor living space will be great for informal dining, and entertaining guests, especially for night occasions.

Overall, this house with beautiful aesthetics and comfortable spaces will be loved by most families.

Image Credit: Lhong Khao Architecture & Construction

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