Modest Small Wooden House Design

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Picture of Modest Small Wooden House Design

Living in a simple way is a comfortable arrangement. In fact, it’s at times a nice feeling to experience an adjustment of environment and atmosphere. A change from noise to serenity. And similarly, it is appealing to get rid of the busy city life. Well, when monotony strikes, leave the noisy sounds and busy streets of the city. Experience the coziness of this modest small wooden house design.

This house can either be a choice for families in the rural communities at low level income or a vacation house for households living in the metropolis who wants to shift a busy cycle into calmness. Whichever case, the unit is a perfect place, obviously, for health reasons.

This small house design is very simple yet pleasing and compromises comfort considering the type of house and location. Private properties will be best to accommodate this house. Certainly, a simple house like this built in the middle of the farm, is a good pressure reliever.

Picture of Modest Small Wooden House Design

Features of a  Modest Small Wooden House Design

This is a nice home in a small, compressed size suitable for couples or a family size of 2-3 members. A house of this style can be built in the middle of a garden or at a place close to an agricultural land. Constructed in a wide area in the middle of the field will be even more atmosphere friendly. Similarly, this modest wooden house design will be a great fixture in any place where serenity is needed.

Picture of Modest Small Wooden House Design

This unit has a design of a low raised floor to define simplicity as well as durability. The wooden medium dominates the structure all around the house and while the roof looks beautiful with a simple styled gable roof.  An extended sliding roof covers the front and left balconies in opposite directions.

The features include the balcony and an open space inside which can be converted into a living room / bedroom. An adjacent space below from the balcony is a provision for a combined dining / kitchen and toilet and bath.

Description of the House 

As can be seen, the external façade features the simple stairs towards the balcony in L-shape style. The terrace looks great with wooden balustrades and railings matching the entire perimeter of the unit. The space within the balcony is perfect area for recreation as it is open where sufficient air is available for comfort.


Meanwhile, the inner space has a beautiful design with genuine wooden flooring, wooden walls and glass painted windows. Curtains added beauty in the whole room which makes it even more inviting. The sculpted wooden door is a revelation of appeal as it matches almost every section of the house. Additionally, electrical amenities is likewise provided for some appliances and overall comfort of the occupant. This small wooden house design characterizes personality, size and style.

Furthermore, enlargement of the unit in the future is feasible depending on the number of members of the family and the purpose. Anyway, there is sufficient space so expansion is very feasible.

The great advantages of this small wooden house design are:

  • Location
  • Comfort and pleasantness
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Cost of the unit
  • Health benefits

The overall cost for constructing this small wooden house design is affordable. With its location as well, the owner can play around freely in building this energy-efficient dwelling.

Image Credit:  meesara

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