Cool Two Bedroom Single Storey House

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A two bedroom single storey house in 42 m² lot will be easy to construct and maintain. Enjoy the spirit of this simple and cool residence.

Modest and small house for a simple family. This is actually what most people nowadays wants and are capable of having. In fact, the greater percentage of families in the present situation belongs to low income families. Pinoy House Designs presents a representative of simple living shelter with this two bedroom single story residence in 42 m² lot area. The benefit of simple living is that it gives more chances to consider what we have in live. Simple needs, simple demands will equally mean less responsibilities and maintenance of the residence.

Floor Plan of Two Bedroom Single Story House in 42 m² Lot

This casual two bedroom single story residence in 42 m² lot is the representative house of the common people. In fact, small as it may seem, it has the complete amenities and services of a real home. The features include a small porch, living room, dining room, two bedrooms, kitchen and a common T&B.

Description of this Two Bedroom Single Story House in 42 m² Lot

For a small floor area of 42 m², there should be a careful planning and smart designing to fill-in all the required components of a house. Additionally, as reflected in the actual floor plan, this is the best layout that can be done with this size. The design features a porch to the right of the main house. The main floor level is elevated at three steps which is a preventive measure for floods. From a small porch, the main door opens to the living room with an area of 2.1 x 3.0 meters. In front of the living room are the dining room and kitchen adjacent to each other of dimension 3.0 x 2.50 meters.

The kitchen which is the heart of the house sits in front of the dining room. The plan features two bedrooms which measures 3.0 x 3.1 meters and 3.0 x 3.3 meters sitting to the left of the living room. Meanwhile, thee common toilet on the other hand situates in the middle of two bedrooms.


Additional Features 

Meanwhile, this simple bungalow house design although small is successful in offering a lovely exterior facade. Moreover, this house has a porch design  elevated at three steps from the natural grade line for flood purposes aside from giving an extra level considering the total height of the structure. The main entrance offers a pair of sliding door with a size sufficient to welcome a bunch of air to make the inside as comfortable as needed. The front bedroom has a pair of sliding glass window and just like the door entrance is enough to accommodate some air to offer comfort.


Obviously, the  combination of off-white and grey accentuates the beauty of the outer facade. As a result, this concept offers a calm atmosphere and matches the house being built in a garden lot. Meanwhile, a simple gable roof secures this simple house.

To sum it up, space will not be a constraint in having a gorgeous house of class and style. In fact, it’s a matter of smart designing and interior concepts choice and application

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