Modern Tropical Resort House with Natural Wood Elements

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Living in a metropolis is a great experience as it offers more fun and opportunities. Yet, there are times that we get tired and bored with the busy and noisy life of the city.  Perhaps, it’s high time to connect to nature and a tranquil setting. It’s a great idea to stay in a modern tropical resort house for a shift in environment and an immediate sense of relaxation and freedom.

We feature a small house with a minimalist concept that is good for a couple. This design has a floor area of 57.0 sq. meters only which can be a good guest house for a vacation getaway. Likewise, it could be a resort house that will suit in beachfront.

it is actually a house that focuses on simplicity, yet its being simple exude grace. The combination of white and brown hues lends a contrasting appeal but a perfect blend that delivers sophistication.


Features of Modern Tropical Resort House

This design blows with some interesting details and concepts that feature the utilization of natural wood elements. The versatility of the natural wood is used as floor tiles in the balcony, wall cladding, window frames, and, roof gable.

The house looks gorgeous in an L-shaped balcony with wooden floor finishes, columns in white paint, and a flat canopy roof that don’t only secure but beautify the structure. Likewise, the space in an elevated concept is a functional space as an extension of the living room for relaxation. Similarly, by providing a table and chairs, you will have an informal space for quick meals and coffees.

Meanwhile, what makes this design unique is the wall cladding with wooden elements and the circular window assembled on the left and right elevations. This stylish feature will definitely draw attention and turn the heads of the passersby.

Picture of Modern Tropical Resort House with Natural Wood Elements

Actually, the design is aesthetically appealing with wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling glass doors in French style concept. Obviously, these big glass doors along with the window panels, transmit tons of comfort to the inner space.  Besides, they make the interior look brighter and feel comfier. Additionally, the spacious outdoor space with lush landscaping supplies lots of natural air inside making it even more comfortable.

Picture of Modern Tropical Resort House with Natural Wood Elements

It will take a single viewing to find all of the deluxe features in this house. The exterior walls are treated with touches of mineral plaster finish in a classic white tone. The product is a pleasing, graceful, and sophisticated façade.

Furthermore, the statuesque high-pitched gable roof with grey tiles is aesthetically beautiful, stable, and will suit both summer and winter seasons,

Specifications of Modern Tropical Resort House

This resort style house stands in 57.0 sq. meters that host a balcony, living room, dining and kitchen, one bedroom, and one bathroom.

This compact design features a spacious balcony to access the inner space from the glass doors. The inner layout has the living spaces on the left, while the lone bedroom and bathroom occupy the right side of the plan.


One remarkable feature of this design is the spacious outdoor living space that will serve lots of functions. The space may represent an extension of the living spaces or an informal diner. Additionally, it’s a great space to entertain friends and guests. The lush garden landscaping has nothing to offer but total comfort.

Enjoy your stay at this resort house design.

Image Credit: Wan Wan

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